Reckoning Part 5

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"Continue, or die."

"Other than practicing, not really."

The old man sneezes. "Too bad. You look like you'd be great at hunting." The elevator dings- they were at E.

The Protoss plugs into the simulator.
Raven looks at the kid for a second. "Not that I know of...?"

"So Shadow...what do you think it going to happen to Diethelm? I heard something about a lottery from a certain symbiote?"
The kid's jaw drops. "You're Raven! One of the Academy squad members! Your class photo is on my wall! I know everything about you!" His eyes get huge, and he kowtows to Raven.

I shrug. "Knowing Seven's manifestations of order, one girl will have him, and he'll be helpless to do.a thing about it- but he'll be fine."

I step out. "So what are we doing here?"

Brian plugs himself in.
The old man stops him. "This ain't our stop."

The simulation opens up to a wide cityscape- Hollywood, as it appeared in the 21st century. Brian was outfitted with all the combined equipment and skills of a Ghost and a High Templar.
I step back. "Okay, then who is here..."

Brian looks around. With the massive amount of buildings he decided to climb up one.
"Well, seems here I got a fan.....and yes I am Raven?" He sat down and was a tad intrigued by all of this.

I was then thinking. "So this could have been part of a bigger plot for the AI to get a child? And you know that knowing a women only maintenance crew, that there is going to be more of their sex crazed behavior correct?"
I shrug. "His decision to be in ship maintenance." I then turn. "Yes, but there is no guarantee one of the 'improved' will be impregnated, and it's that that Seven wants. An ideal specimen."

Without warning, a ledge was shot out from under Brian's grip, sending him into free fall.

The young 'fan' smiles at Raven. "You could get me into Shadow's good graces! We could bring the old team back together!"
Brian catches onto a lower ledge before dropping to the ground. He jumps behind a wall.
I was curious. "What do you mean by one of the 'improved'?" I leaned my seat in closer.

Raven was thinking and was grinning. "I could do part one, part two will be a lot harder to do..." He shifted his seat. "You see...after something happened I stayed out of contact from everyone except for my 'sister'."
Two Infiltrator forms come from either side of the building.

I grin. "We're not the only types of messed biology."

The kid pouts. "Awwww, man!"
Brian quickly shoots at one while firing an EMP round at the other. He uses this to move behind new cover.
"Shadow can you please explain what you are talking about? What make these women, these maintenance sex craved never seeing men women different then others?"

"Sorry kid."
I look straight at Shade. "Some of them are like us. Human, but not. We call ourselves improved, because base humans are fragile."

One dissolves in Hallucination smoke, and the other smacks his gun. "Oh, well." He empties nine rounds from practically point blank.
"That the best you got?" Brian comes up with a knife and stabs the guy in the throat. "Having to live with my brother, I've taken worse." Brian then roundhouse kicks the guy in the head. "But I always needed medical attention after." Brian falls to his knee.
"So what you are just trying to say is not all of them are plain human...some have Protoss DNA like me, or Zerg DNA like Raven correct? Is this pretty much just the simple way to put it?" I grinned. "But wouldn't the Zerg part of Diethelm make him really fertile?"
I smile. "Basically. Some have both, like myself or Umbra. And Zerg DNA doesn't guarantee fertility- it's a mixed bag."

The simulation ends. The Protoss shakes Brian's hand. "You're good."
"Mainly from having to survive pissing my brother off every second day." Brian replies.

"So why are we on level E?" I ask.
"So what you are saying, is that they might have a child or they might not? And it would be a child that Seven wants because of the genetics?"

"Kid...I could manage to do something else though? And did I tell you that apparently I'm a uncle starting pretty much a couple of days ago?"

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