Reckoning Part 5

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The old man sniffs. "Jack, don't mess with him." A human/Zergling hybrid decloaks. "How'd you know I was here?" "You stink, dingus." The elevator closes, and they begin heading up again.

I nod. "Exactly. The chances are lower than low, but he's gonna try."

The kid nods. "Dude, I know Shade was pregnant. Boy or girl?"
Raven laughed. "A girl, and then surprising not soon after...a boy."

I was slightly worried. "But anything is possible with that crazed workforce you have down there..."
He raises an eyebrow. "So, twins, or what?"

I smile. "The probabilities are astronomically low."
"I'm just saying Shadow, as long as he's down there then there's a chance."

Raven had to think. "'s really hard to explain and I don't even know what's going on. But they are not twins."
I laugh. "Are you trying to get him a transfer?!" I continue to laugh.

He scowls. "One was preemie? Both were? Give me hot or cold here!"
"Ok...this is all I know. The second child that was born was being forced developed physically by a AI that injected something into Shade. The child then grew at a faster rate and the child was due already because of the AI. The child was the correct size for a baby, but there wasn't time for the child to grow mentally. So the child is going to be mentally dumb for a few years until we can help him. Then after that he should be all fine and should be able to grow just like any other child."

I looked at Shadow. "I'm not saying that...but they seem like they are going to use him if you know what I mean?"
Drake continues to stare ahead at the Infiltration area while Entrent makes sure he's safe.

OOC: I forget, is Crewe here? That could make things kinda awkward...
"Hello Umbra. It has been awhile. I trust you are well?" I wake over to her.
I looked around, impressed that Cayl's old teacher had managed to keep this place hidden. "So Entrent, how goes your hunt?"
I scowl. "And? I fail to see where he loses here."

The kid shrugs. "That's Seven for you."

She smiles widely. "It has. I'm fine. That pill still on your person? Remember, your psyche will force you to pass that pill on to anyone not doing what they should."
"That's where your wrong. I isolated that serum not but a hours after I found out about it. You forgot that I have zerg in me didn't you. And yes I still have it."

I hold up my right hand and the capsule surfaces from inside my hand.

"I wanted to talk to you about your offer you made awhile ago."
She smiles. "Oh? And your response?"
"Well I figured that I have done just about all the thinking I can on it. I do have a few questions about it. First, You gain all of my power and abilities correct?"

I return the pill into the palm of my hand right where its been for almost a year.
Excalibur docked with the asteroid again, and I disembarked, along with Daalis and Jared. While they went to find food, I traced Umbra's familiar psionic signature. I felt a need to discuss something with her that she might be able to help me with.
I am here because one of the Lorians is a friend of mine and was helping me recover my ship. I leave the ship and follow Cayl.
She shakes her head. "Not exactly. You see, I gain your physical and psionic strength, and your consciousness becomes locked within my body. My own physical and psionic capacities multiply one thousandfold, and I get limitless access to all your knowledge, as well as the ability to become you for brief periods of time."
I find the strongest reading two levels above me and take an elevator, finding her and Flint talking. "Oh, ummmm...I didn't realize you were talking to Flint. I just need your help with something."
"Well the most you would gather from my knowledge is Earth, piloting my Goliath as well as repairing it. You might also learn a few of my tricks that I have developed over time as well."

"You did answer most of my questions already, thank you." I turn and head to a chair to sit down and ponder more on the matter.

"Oh... Hey Cayl. I didn't know that you were here." I resume thinking over my answer.
She smiles. "Shoot, Art." She cracks up.
I grimace. I couldn't help that I was proud of who I was. "I may have found someone who would join you, but you'd have to be willing to have a mental connection to me first. You see, it's my dad. When I'd told him about you and my...debate back during the trip to Earth, he liked the idea, but only if he could still talk to me." Then I wave to Flint. "Good to see you."

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