Reckoning Part 5

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The A.I. companion was still jabbering away after the video feed.

"Yes. This is extremely interesting. Very good. I good watch this all day! All of them, in there, without us, not being utter destro- JUST BOARD THE SHIP! THIS IS TOO BORING!"

The Hunter moves the small spacecraft into position. He delightfully gather his weapons as the A.I. talks even more.

"C'mon, c'mon! I want to see some action! KILL THEM, KILL THEM A- Wow. I'm starting to said like Crazy Coran........"

The ship points itself to the large vessal, preparing the launch procedures. The ships hums as it then warps them on board, in the very back of the vessel.

"The hunt begins!"

The Hunter nods in agreement, starting after his prey.

OOC: The intruder from earlier is back on the ship.

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