Reckoning Part 5

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She smiles. "Alright, I'll bite." She giggles. "Off with the helmet."
"It is good to see you to Cayl." I manage to put up a smile. What I was considering doing would definitely change a lot of things for me. Trapped in Umbra's head till the end of time while interesting at first would probably grow dull in time.

I could see Flint was considering something but I couldn't tell what. He was guarding his mind to well for me to even get a read on him.

Well Umbra I guess you now have the choice between me and Cayl's father. I'll leave that up to you.
I look at her quizzically. "What do you mean off with the helmet?"
She raises an eyebrow. "You do want me to make this connection the nice way, right?" Her stomach growls in impatience. "Shh. You're getting it now."
I shake my head. "I said my dad, not me. And my process might be a little messier, but it ensures no foul play." Jared could feel my summons and heads to where I am.

"Are you really gonna do this?" I nod. He sighs and pulls out the knife. "Umbra, are you ok with this?"
She nods. "Fine by me."
Jared hands me the knife. Taking it, I cut my palm, causing the blood to flow freely. "Alright Umbra, follow suit. Not only will our minds be linked, but our bodies in a way as well."
She raises an eyebrow, but does as she is told.
Clasping her hand, I nod to Jared, who then delved deep into both our minds, pulling just enough of them from our bodies to conjoin them. Almost immediately Umbra could feel my anger at the trick and my frustration with getting nowhere with finding who set us up. In turn, I could feel her loneliness, which this would help a little hopefully. Jared exited, making sure nothing had gone too far. "There," he said, "You now share a link with each other." He turns to walk away, then pauses, looking back at Umbra. "Word of advise Umbra, block him out when he's with Alice, or you won't get enough sleep at night." With that, he left and I faced Umbra. "How's it feel on your end?"

OOC: The connection is slightly purer then hers and Shadow's because of the blood. And now I say good night.
Umbra shivers. "Your mind is cold. I won't be in touch often."
"I wonder how Cynthia is doing with Umbra right now..." I was listening to some of the people at the table.

Raven spat a needle spine out and twirled it in the air. "So that AI was named Seven? And you said it was typical of him..."
I smile. "Don't worry, Umbra sees Cynthia as her redemption. They'd have to kill Umbra to ruffle the young one's hair."

The kid grins. "Entity Seven, a Brotherhood member obsessed with perfection."
Raven grunts. "For being obsessed with perfection he didn't do a good job..."

"I know Shadow...just wondering how she's doing is all."
He shrugs. "Imperfect world, he goes as close as he can."

I shrug. "Want me to.ask her?"
"I'm ok how much longer until the meeting is over?" Trying to make myself comfortable on the chair...I felt like I was on it forever.
"It is already, but we can't leave until the storm ends. Unless you wish to.explore?"
"To be honest...there isn't much to explore and I might as well be comfortable and wait it out." I had to readjust my seat. "Still wish I was my normal height...but at least we managed to get me to at least 5' 6" which is much better than 4' 10" when it happened that time in the academy."
"I have the necessary ingredients. Do you wish to become your full height again?" I shift, my seat reclining.
I grinned some. "No I'm good...I already got used to this height and I personally would not want any more changes because then I would have to change up everything again...but thanks for the offer."
"You said it, so no.going back." I start to fiddle with my machinery.

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