Reckoning Part 5

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Arianna cloaks and careful to not make sound while she runs over to the control panel and presses random buttons, pulls random levers, and turns random knob. The Excalibur starts to lift off.

Some kid asked out a girl with a helicopter at my school. That pilot's in some deep trouble.

Anyways, I'll be posting tonight if I can.
SF, no one on my ship is away from their station, so that isn't likely to happen.
"Fine. I'll change it so she's cloaked and is very careful." XD
It still isn't likely to happen.

IC: I shrug. "Trust me, it only seems that way. Once you look around for a bit, you'll find I'm pretty normal. Outwardly though, I have to control things, or the elements themselves would destroy everything around me."
"I want to do this! DON'T RUIN THIS FOR ME!"

Arianna presses another button and the Excalibur shoots the Vengeance.
She shakes her head. "Minds have definitive temperatures, textures, and flavors to me. Yours is a lot like fried egg- if it got frozen."

The ship stubbornly deflects the blast with its shields.
Arianna presses another button and Excalibur's engines turn off and it falls to the ground.
"Frozen fried egg? Well, that's...interesting. Still, I'm hoping that between this and dad, well, you'll feel less lonely."
In the middle of an asteroid field held magnetically, it falls down.

She smiles. "There's always room for one more, as they say in dessert business." She taps her temple.
"No idea. That magnetics caused it to be pulled down? Who cares. Just go with it."
It didn't even fall as it didn't land in the first place. We docked with an outer airlock tube.

IC: I nod. "I'll arrange the meeting later. I want this issue solved first."
She looks puzzled. "Issue? Ulterior motive!" She dramatically points at Cayl, making a mock-horror expression.
I couldn't help but chuckle. "Not that kind of issue, I meant this whole thing with the Phoenix."
She calms. "Oh. Brother will fix it. He always does."
"I have no doubts about that, I'm more worried about who started it. But, I'll see what Shadow comes up with."
Human child: Please, stop associating me with that mob of fanatical
bookworms. Member of the Brotherhood indeed.

And Shadow: taking a child from Maintanance is only a backup.

A number of mechanical arms secretly begin a surgical procedure on the baby in the tank.
"There's no baby in a tank. Korzis is not in a tank."
What baby in a tank? How the hell do I miss these things?
You forget the lottery.


Umbra let me know what your decision is when ever you finally decide.
I stand up and wander the facility now.

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