Looking for a new MMORPG.

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It used to be Diablo II for me... Then It was WoW... Then the failure and ultimate disapointment Blizzard has ever given me... Diablo III. And just before Diablo III it was Skyrim.

I need an RPG/MMORPG. F2P would be nice, or atleast a demo version available.
Try looking for End of Nations? It's currently in a closed beta/alpha, but it seems to be a promising game. It's actually an MMORTS (my understanding is that you control a squad of units in massive battles, such as 12v12 or even 28v28), and it's free-to-play (you pay for convenience items such as +50% experience or 2x money). As far as I know, they're still accepting new players into the beta and alpha, so you might be able to give it a shot:

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