Your top 5 all time favorite games.

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The title say it all. If you want, you can put a reason next to it of why your favorite games deserve in that top spot.

Here mine.

1. Kingdom Hearts - Unique weapon (keyblade), awesome story, love the battle system, unique name for the enemies (Heartless) and the game fit for all ages (Meaning no inappropriate words for the kids)
2. SC BW - I love Reaver, Lurker, Carrier, Siege Tank and more! It have a good story too. The game control is so hard but it was soooooo fun!!
3. Final Fantasy 7 - Noooooo Aerith!!! You can't die!!! Love the story though.
4. Street Fighter Alpha 3 - First fighting game I played and I freaking love it!
5. Tenchu Stealth Assassin - The first very game I played in my childhood. I feel like my childhood game deserve in the top 5 =)

So what's your?
diablo 2
sc bw
phantasy star online - x box
1. Rome total war

2. Call of duty black ops: !@#$ zombies mode.

3.Warcraft 3

4.Starcraft 2


I'll go by series and games

In no particular order:

Legend of Zelda
Saints Row
1.Team Fortress 2
2.Rome: Total War
3.Napoleon: Total War
4.Bully: Scholarship Edition
5.Warcraft 3: TFT
1. Knights of the Old Republic I
2. Knights of the Old Republic II
3. Starcraft 2
4. the Mass Effect series (except for the ending on the 3rd game)
5. Fable the Lost Chapters
1- starcrafts
2- heroes of might and magic series
3- warlords battlecraft 2 & 3
4- diablo 1 & 2
5- league of legends

Edit: these are only pc games, there would be a bunch of nintendo games to add too but the list would be much longer o_o
I'll go by franchises.

1. Starcraft
3.The Elder Scrolls
5. Assassins Creed
1. Baldur's Gate Series
2. Final Fantasy Series (7,8,9)
3. Half Life Series
4. Early Blizzard Games till WoW (Warcraft II, III, Starcraft, Diablo 1 & 2)
5. Battlefield 2

Worthy of Mention:
Call of Duty: United Offensive
Dragon Age: Origins
Elder Scrolls
Armored Core For Answer. I played the other ones on the ps1 and 2 but this one has all the action. Duel wield weapons is my personal favorite. Plus lots of action and fast paced.

Heroes of might and magic II. A classic game. One of the first games I ever played. Very good strategy game, good story and lots of replay value

Twisted Metal: Black. This one I got on my 13th birthday. Good story, dark overtone, amazing graphics. I loved everything about it.

Skyrim. I am actually playing it as I typed this up. First playthrough, I got up to level 52. Lots of archery and stealth attacks. I was the perfect assassin. Then I started over and now going all Paladin in it. Good choices only, heavy armor and shield. I killed the Dark Brotherhood, did not kill anyone except heathens and in self defense.

Starcraft II. I have yet to get tired of this game.
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I'll go by franchises.

In no specific order, (they are all equal on my book)
Kingdom Hearts
Assassin's Creed
TF2(the first was...)
Top Gear

Twisted Metal

Resident Evil (all of them)

Final Fantasy 7 and 9

Brood war


Rock n' Roll Racing

age of mythology







1.) Elder Scrolls III Morrowind - So much more mysterious and unique in comparison to Bethesda's more recent releases.

2.) Starcraft 1 and 2.
Glad to see there are some HoMM fans out here.

1. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - I liked 2 and 5 as well, but 3 was really the best. This was a real strategy game.

2. Starcraft: Brood War

3. Starcraft 2

4. Warcraft 3

5. Rome Total War

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