Your top 5 all time favorite games.

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I personally feel like games are improving over time so mine are recent even though I've been playing games since Space Quest 1.

(no particular order)

Planetside 2 - this game is blowing me away right now.

Bioshock - probably the game that most creeped me out without being OTT like Dead Space. Inspired and freaky.

Mass Effect 3 - just epic - the emotional investment into that whole universe and all those characters we'd felt like we'd known for years - even though the dialogue was hammy as !@#$ I just couldn't help falling in love. Also I really liked the ending before the whole bizarre fiasco that led to the weird, verbose ending it has now. Not to mention they really nailed the mechanics in the third instalment. I played through the whole series more like a turn-based rpg but there's the option to do it like a cover shooter - love it. And multiplayer was/is actually awesome fun.

Day Z - If I had to pick a number one it would be this. Because it's totally revolutionary. Best realisation of player-created content ever. And it literally does your head in because you feel like this is what people would act like if there was a zombie apocalypse. You could use it for a psychology thesis.

World of Warcraft - just ground breaking. And over time has become one of the most streamlined and multifaceted social games. So complex! The devs themselves are masters of theory-crafting.

P.S. - Starcraft II comes close but I can't play it because it's just too intense. Continue to enjoy it as e-sport though.
Halo 2
Starcraft II
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Chrono Trigger
Smash Bros Melee
1.SC 2 Trilogy
2.Batman Arkham Asylum/City
4.Lord of the Rings Battle for middle earth 2
5.BF 3
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8. Starcraft 2
1. Brood War
2. Chrono Trigger

Uhhh man this is really hard...
3. Kingdom hearts 1
4. Final fantasy 10
5. paper mario
1. StarCraft 2
2. StarCraft Brood War
3. Counter-Strike
4. League Of Legends
5. Combat Arms
2. Starcraft BW.
3. portal 2.
4. Starcraft 2.
5. giants citizen kabuto.
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1.SC 2 Trilogy

This man sees the future of his preferences.
Here are mine in no particular order.

1. Goldeneye/Perfect Dark

2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask

3. StarCraft II

4. Halo 2

5. Super Mario 64 (and maybe Super Mario World for the SNES)
This is the order of my favourite franchises with my favourite instalment.

1. Zelda: ocarina of time
2. Starcraft 2
3. Mario 64
4. Final Fantasy 7
5. Smash bros melee
1. Dino crisis 2
2. Twisted metal 2
3. Sc2
4. Halo 2
5. Fable the lost chapters
1- pokemon (i personally liked platinum the most)
2- fable
3- time splitters (curling with monkeys never got old)
4- phantasy star online
5.a- heroes of might and magic 3
5.b- warcraft 2/starcraft 1

i would have added wow, but wow broke my heart with cata and didn't win me back with panda. and at the risk of getting flamed back to the stone age, i still think sc1 was better than sc2.
2-5 in no particular order:
Starcraft, Minecraft, Pokemon, Spore
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Planetside 2 - this game is blowing me away right now.

I know. This game is really fun/proffesional/not that pay2win for a free game, unlike some other free2play games I know (LoL, BF free2play, etc.)
1. Starcraft 2
2. DayZ
3. fallout 3
4. Pokemon
LOL Always lol 2100elo here (:
In no particular order:

1. Demon's soul / Dark souls
2. Baldur's gate series
3. Starcraft series
4. Counter strike
5. Final Fantasy XII

Bonus : Age of empires 2
..Also In not particular Order.

-Starcraft: Broodwar

-Shadow of the Colossus

-Diablo 2


-Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
-Starcraft 2
I have no orders 'cause well i like all this games

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