Your top 5 all time favorite games.

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1. Starcraft brood war
2. minesweeper
3. Pong
4. Tetris
5. Starcraft2

in order of balance and difficulty 1= highest
I'll list fav game by genre:
1) Elder Scrolls (Oblivion/Skyrim)
2) Project Gotham Racing 2
3) Supreme Commander: FA
4) League of Legends
5) Star Wars: Battlefront 2 tied with CS:S
1.Starcraft II

2.Final Fantasy 11 online (ruined a relationship it was so addictive)

3. Halo 2

4.Warcraft TFT (the good ole days)

5. WOTMUD, acronym for wheel of time multi user dungeon(MUD). Don't laugh at me but its a texted based rpg. So awsome that till this day I still play it. Whats cool is that if you have a good MUD client you can create your on aliases and macros, and write your on classes for these and have triggers to make the game much more convienent.
In no particular order: Starcraft 2, DotA 2, PokeMMO, Legend of Zelda: Marjora's Mask, Chrono Trigger.

Star wars battlefront 2

heroes of might and magic 3

final fantasy 7

Mass Effect series
1. Starcraft 2
2. Mass Effect 2
3. Halo 3
4. HoTS
5. Oblivion/Morrowind(Can't decide)
in order from most to least fav:

Baldur's Gate II
Baldur's Gate
Axis and Allies
Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm
Starcraft II
Man, the demographic here is SPECIFIC. I'm reading through all of these lists and there's a TON of games missing!

The TRULY Best/Top Video Games (franchises/series counts as one game) of All Time (In order)

1. Metal Gear Solid series (I think I really am the first person to put it on the list! WTF?!)

2. Starcraft 2 (not sc1 or BW)

3. Minecraft

4. Halo series

5. Skyrim (Elderscrolls as a series wasn't good enough)

I'm really disheartened to see how little Metal Gear Solid has been mentioned. But it is was it is. I guess I'm an old dog in a young pup's game. SC and BW were good, maybe even great; not phenomenal. It was phenomenal in Korea, but not in the U.S. It's hard to play SC1 and BW now, for that it can't be in my top 5. I'll rock some Halo 2 any day of the week. Minecraft is truly epic, and I'm poised to see this game continually dominate for years and years to come. Skyrim was also another truly amazing gem. It's pretty much the de-facto RPG for all other games to emulate -- the golden standard, bar none.
Just verified through all of the posts so far.

---- Not a single Metal Gear Solid nod before my previous post. That's a FAIL, for all of you.
1) Starcraft 2
2) Pokemon (3rd Gen)
3) Mario Kart
4) Super Smash Bros. Brawl
5) Minecraft

If could actually access xbox and PS3 games, then this would be different

edit: SO many blue posts ^^
Fallout 3
Zelda-Link to the past
A couple of Final Fantasys
Warcraft 3 & Starcraft 1 - Lan with my brother
Diablo 2
StarCraft 2
Smashbros Series
Monster Hunter Tri
Pokemon Ruby
5. Terraria
4. Black & White 2
3. The Elder Scrolls Games 3 - 5
2. Starcraft 2
1. Spore

Spore will always be my favorite game, despite how much I like Starcraft 2 and the lore. Even though I don't play Spore much anymore and it has kind of drifted, I made a promise to myself a long time ago when I played it for almost four years streight (I hardly played any other games during these 4 years). That promise was that Spore would always be my favorite game. The reason? Before I found it, I had spent days looking for a creative game where you could make your own character from scratch, an empire to go with them, and with a sci-fi theme. In short, a very creative game. And I found it, Spore.

Still though, I am a MASSIVE fan of Starcraft 2 (getting all the books in the lore this Christmas), and I also have a 90 dollar collectable Starcraft 1 Hydralisk toy, and a Starcraft 2 back-pack.
no specific order

-assasins creed
-warcraft 3
-super metroid
-super mario world
-chrono trigger

EDIT: gah, had a mental block earlier

Oh, and honorable mentions:
Ocarina of time/Smash bros./Mario Kart/Other mario stuff (rpg, party, etc..)/WoW.. I guess(hate/love)/Killer Instinct (haters gonna hate)/Lastly but not Leastly W.O.L
Super Metroid - Super Nintendo
Metroid Zero Mission - Gameboy Advance
Freespace 1 & 2 - PC
Mega Man 1-7 - Nintendo, Super Nintendo
Fallout 3 - 360
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Sega Genesis

I cheated and listed six (more if you wanna get technical), but this is handful of my favorite titles (and a fraction of what I own as well. Seriously, I have way too many games). Super Metroid is and will probably always be my favorite game of all.
1.) starcraft 2
2.) elder scrolls 3: morrowind
3.) half life 1
4.) final fantasy 7
5.) counter strike
Starcraft Series
Pokemon Series
Smash Bros Series
Borderlands Series
Mariokart Series

Honerable mentions that couldn't make it into the top 5
Guitar Hero
Legend of Zelda
Non-mariokart mario games
Any star wars game
Battlefield Series
No order-

Metroid (series)
Doom (grew up with that game <3)
Rachet and Clank ( 1-3, after that...meh)
Pokemon (until 3rd gen, used to love battling my friends xD)
(No particular order)
1. Starcraft Vanilla & Broodwar
2. Zelda 2
3. Team Fortress 2
4. Warcraft 2
5. Team Fortress 2

The list of (mostly) sequels.
Not in order

Elder Scrolls Oblivion
Resident Evil
NBA2K (almost any incarnation)

general lack of sports games on this list. Does no one else go outside?

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