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I am having trouble being able to play quick match games after the most recent update. I can log in and it takes me to the quickmatch screen but there are no icons for the single or team matches and there are no icons for the races either.and i cant download any map in custom map,just can play some map like starter edition,please fix this as soon as you can since i dont play for long time :( thanks so much
make sure this is different form SEA server,i m playing NA server.thanks
I am having same problem. Cant load quickmatch on the NA server
Same problem with me too... Sigh blizzard fix this please...
Same here. my problem is SEA server works,bur NA I can't select race or any multiplayer game.

any help?
having same issue with US server, no icons when you click on 'quick match'

please help blizzard
Blizzard there are people in this thread and others that are having issues with quick match including me.... could we please get an update on the issue?
Same problem with my account as well. SEA server works perfectly fine however Americas server I am unable to join or create any games (ladder + custom). A quick update would be nice.
Same problem here, seem no one cares about us . very disappointed !!!
same here. nothing i can do about this.
Same here. I want this to be fixed so i can play asap!
same problem.. posted earlier with the same request. please clarify..
Same problem, running:
- 27" iMac
- OS X 10.8.2
- 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7
- SC2 Version
- Connecting to North American Servers

Problem has been present for at least 4 days.
Same here
Try setting the address for in your "hosts" file - see

If this fixes it, please also contact your ISP and tell them to fix their DNS server. Blizzard says they can't fix it at their end.
Be careful making chnages to the hosts file, it may work for now but it overrides the games settings, blizzard may make changes to their dns in the future and you will have no way of knowing that the chnage you made here is causing the issue, blizzard have no way of knowing you edited this file, so wont be able to suggest anything or fix it from their end, so you may end up permanantly breaking your game if they make changes in the future.

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