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Victory! The Graduation Tournament has ended and Marduk was crowned victor!


This is simple. A school- esque setting will fuction here. There will be a short monologue, followed by every "student" (people who apply) going into a unique mission. You will all be one of the following units, or any combination thereof:
Spectre (side note: your posts must reflect slight insanity)
Queen (SC2)
High Templar
Dark Templar

Be forewarned: the more diverse your pool, the more nerfed you will be. After each mission, the Board (my next post) will be updated. All applications must follow the following format:

Unit Mix (the one you are most of first, least of last)
Abilities (two maximum, kapische?)
Used Weapons
Special Notes

In Special Notes, if Protoss or Terran is part of your mix, you may include their personal transport. It will be used in one of the two mission modes- Space Conflict and Vehicle Chase. IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE PURE ZERG, you may use one of my custom vehicles (I'll throw 'em in later)

Vehicle List (Space Conflict)
Void Ray

Vehicle List (Vehicle Chase)
<None needed for Stalker/Dragoon>
Reaver (modified)
Colossus (modified)
Siege Tank

I mentioned modes earlier. There are four.
Jester- Protect a special unit (30 hp, 2 damage, 3 range) until he gets to a supercomputer to hack files for you.
Invasion- Your units travel with 12 supply of in-game units (no, not each) to achieve a goal.
Vehicle Chase- All of you have one goal- destroy all of each others' vehicles! (only vs.)
Space Conflict- Enemy Stargate/Starport/Spire units will try to kill you. Kill them first.

Ground: Classrooms, Lab, Grass field, Parking Lot, Bathrooms
2nd Floor: Cafeteria, Phones, Library
3rd Floor: Dance Hall, Bedrooms (everyone has a roommate, decide for yourselves)
4th Floor: Gymnasium, Firing Range, Chemical Testing
Roof: Gun Batteries, Warp Pad, Broadcasting Tower
The Board:

Teacher(s)- Assist in EMERGENCIES:
Agent Shadow <Ghost, Roach, Sentry> [870 HP, 270 SP, 150 energy]
Armament- S.B.P. 93 {12 range, 26 damage (+6 v Light, +12 v Mechanical/Robotic, +24 v Psionic, +6 v Massive, +39 v Heroic)} , Acidic Spit {5 range, 38 damage} , Energy Blast {4 range, 4 damage}
-- permanently cloaked, has Nightmare (Hallucinations that attack), Rapid Regen, Lockdown

Jess <Ghost, Hydralisk, Zealot> [260 HP, 100 SP, 200 energy]
Armament- Duorifle {10 range, 25 damge *x5 v Armored*}, Psiblade {Melee, 16 damage}, Shock-Spines {5 range, 18 damage}
--Cloak, Bolt-Charge (<Passive>), Lockdown, Snipe, EMP Round

Agent Umbra <Spectre, Lurker, High Templar> [270 HP, 870 SP, 250 energy]
Armament- S.B.P. 93 {12 range, 26 damage (+6 v Light, +12 v Mechanical/Robotic, +24 v Psionic, +6 v Massive, +39 v Heroic)}, Subterranean Tentacles {10 range, 26 damage}
--Permanently Cloaked, Lockdown, Psionic Lash, Absolution, Cliff Burrow

Danielle Dynamite <Marine, Infestor, Dark Templar> [300 HP, 150 SP, 200 energy]
Armament- Cyclone Rifle {6 range, 55 damage [+95 vs. Light or Structure]}, Warp Blade {Melee, 45 damage}
--Cloak, Fungal Growth, StimPack, Detonator Egg
>>Siege Tank/ Goliath>>Scout/Banshee

Marduk <Queen, High Templar> (108 HP, 15 SP, 1250 energy)
Armament- Needle Spines {12 range, 34 damage}
--Feedback, Burrow, Psionic Bolt, Ocular Parasite, Dark Swarm, Razor Swarm, Morph (Guardvourer/Swarmqueen), Musk, Caster Love, Spawn Infested Terran, Medieval, Stifle, Bolt Charge, Maelstrom, Dessicate
>>Reaver |Modified|>> Guardvourer


Ceas <Sentry> (25 HP, 50 SP, 650 energy)
Armament- Ion Beam {36 range, 234 damage} Disintegration Field Projector {8 range 10 damage}
--Guardian Shield, Destabilize, Repulsion Field, Caster Love, Medieval, Stasis

Hale Carmine <Reaper> (50 HP)
Armament- Gnasher Shotgun {12 range, 38 damage}, Dual Katars, {Melee, 30 damage each}
--Regeneration (<Passive>), Cliff Jumping (<Passive>), Last Resort, Beserker Rage

Syldra <Queen, Viper> [85 Health, 225 Energy]
Armament: Acidic Needles {15 damage, 9 range}, Sharpened Claws {22.5 damage, 1 range}
Abilities: Abduct, Spawn larva (Spawns 3 larva that don't need creep to live), Irradiate, Medieval, Implosion, Hallucination
Vehicles: Hunterling>>Zaros's Wraith

Abel <Ghost, Medic> (70 HP, 200 energy)
Armament- Lance {2 range, 15 damage}, Magnum {5 range, 6 damage}
--Reflex, Heal, Blink, Psionic Reinforcement, Mind Control, Soul Release, Caster Love

Akia<Marine> (70 HP, 300 energy)
Armament- Rapier {Melee, 37.5 damage}, Shield {Melee, 15 damage}
--Copy, Shield-Bearer, Medieval, Lifebreak, Hallucination, Soul of the protector, Warped world
>>Vulture>>Valkyrie frigate

Kasora <Lurker> (200 HP, 320 energy)
Armament- Subterranean Spines {9 range, 52 damage}, Needle Spines {5 range, 14 damage}, Sickle Claws {Melee, 36 damage}
--Burrow movement (<Passive>), Subterranean Detection (<Passive>), Double Take, Maelstrom <Lockdown on bio>, Entangle, Kythinos Carapace
>>Xiuhcoatl the Nydus>>Roalisk

Traethian Dhanis <Marine, Zergling> (55 HP, 100 energy)
Armament- Gauss Rifle {6 range, 12 damage}, Arm Spines {Melee, 7 damage}
--Burrow, Stymzymes, C-4, Fusion Whorl

Brian <(Operative 2328)> <Ghost> (55 HP, 150 energy) =- C-
Armament- Canister Rifle {8 range, 9 damage [+12 v Light]}, Psyblade {Melee, 16 damage}, Pistol {2 range, 3 damage}
--Cloak, Mental Enter ':Think SC1 Parasite:', EMP Round

Zaros <Ghost(?)> (65 life, 250 energy)
Armament- Katana (30 damage, melee), Torrent SR-8 Shotgun (6x5 Damage, 4 range)
Abilities- Psi Bolt, Psionic Slash, Ultrasonic Pulse, Medieval, Mastery 2
>>Siege Tank>>Wraith

Cayl Rios <Marine, Dark Templar> (85 HP, 50 energy)
Armament- VMN Submachine Gun {6 range, 10.5 damage}, Plasma Halberd {2 range, 30 damage}, Plasma Rifle {10 range, 42 damage[+67.5 v Armored]}, Twin Katanas {melee, 19.5 damagex2 attacks}
--Bullet Time(Passive), Nanoheal(Passive), EMP Round, Jetpack Boost, Medival, Charge, Finishing blows (Passive, Elemental Mastery (Passive)
>>Hellion/Siege Tank>>Viking/Banshee

-Bianca Ravius- "Shade" <Dark Templar, Ghost> (55 HP, 360 energy)
Armament- Modified Gauss Rifle (6 range, 37.5 damage) Combat Knife (Melee, 52.5 damage) Psi Whip (3 range, 27 damage)
Abilities- Cloak, Psionic Tendrils, Psi Whisper, Infinity Rift, Irradiate, Medival, Psionic Weave, Twisted Dance, Breaking Time

Raven- <Marine, Hydralisk> (75 HP, 310 energy)
Armament- Gauss Rifle (6 range, 19 damage) Projectile Vomit (10 range, 15 damage), Bow and Arrows {13 range, 18 damage [+22.5 v Light]}
Abilities- Regeneration, Dark Swarm, Enhanced Vision, Bio Bomb, Medival, Hyrdolisk Aspect, Nydus worm

John Flint <Marine, Zealot, Changeling> (105 HP, 15 SP, 450 energy)
Armament- Revolver {9 damage, 2 range}, Psi-blade {24 damage, Melee}, Morphed weaponry {3-30 damage, Melee-3 range}
Abilities- Morph, Psi Shield, Regeneration (<Passive>), Psionic Enhancement, Plague, Defense Matrix, Medieval, Feedback, Psi-Storm, Advanced Khaydarin power core,

Jessica <Spectre> (100 HP 200 energy)
Armament- Modified C-10 Canister rifle {Damage 15 Range 5}, Combat knife {Damage 7.5 Melee}, Welding torch {Damage 4.5 [+ 10.5 to mechs] Range 1 [Cannot be upgraded to longer range]}, Dual Kaiser Blades {Damage 10.5 x2 Melee}
Abilities- Cloak, Disable Machine, Nyx-Class Cloaking module, Medieval, Psionic Lash, Detection, Energy Feed
>>Siege tank/Hellion.>>Banshee/Valkyrie

Xin <Spectre, Dragoon> (90 HP, 50 SP, 800 energy)
Armament- Neosteel Blade {Melee, 35 damage}, Prototype AGR-20 Rifle {6 range, 15 damage}, Dual pistols {3 range, 20 damage}
Abilities- Psionic Lash, Cloak, Energy Break, Omni-slash, Caster Love

Calek <Hydralisk, Lurker, Spectre> (100 HP, 850 energy)
Armament- Needle Spines {5 range, 18 damage}, Scythe {Melee, 18 damage}, Subterranean Spines {9 range, 22.5 damage (x2 vs Armored)}
Abilities- Burrow Movement(<Passive>), Psionic Lash, Ultrasonic Pulse, Frenzy, Caster Love, Rapid Regeneration, EMP Round, Medival, Custom Charge, Vortex, Power Capsule
>>Siege Tank>>Void Ray

Zara'kal <High Templar, Lurker> (115 HP, 30SP, 50 Energy)
Armament- Psi-Discharge {Range 12, 9 damage}, Subterranean Spines {Range 8, damage 27}, Psi-Sickles {Melee, 12 damagex2(hits)}, Lurker "Legs" {Melee, 4.5 damagex6(hits)}
Abilities- Telekensis, Subterreanian Assault, Spawn Broodling <Passive>, Medieval, Hallucination, Torrent of Blades

Ember “Karma” Trixica <Reaper> (50 HP)
Armament- Twin “Jinx” Pistols {6 Range; 12 Damage} “Hunting Knife” {Melee, 15 Damage}
Abilities--Cliff Jumping <Passive>, Lucky shot

John Carlo<Ghost, Queen, High Templar>[100 HP, 50 SP, 100 energy]
Arament-modified AGR-14 Rifle {7 range, 30 damage}
--Artificial black hole, Chemical bomb, Cloak

Novano <High Templar, Zealot> [75 HP, 75 SP, 150 Energy]
Armament – Mind Assault {7 range, 13 damage (channeled, +12 v Psionic, only usable on biological units)}, Psi Blades {Melee, 16 damage} (he has access to them, but prefers not to use them when avoidable)
Abilities: Drone, Technological Hack,
Vehicle: Immortal>>Phoenix

Name: Linaran {HP 35 SP 80 EN 40}
Unit Mix: Marine, Dark Templar
Used Weapons: Warp Blades {33dmg, melee}, Modified C-14 Gauss Rifle {5dmg, (+1 against Psionics), 4range}
Abilities: Shield Restore, Enhanced Power Core <Passive>,

Name: Emperor
Age: 300
Dark Templar, High Templar {30 HP, 50 SP, 600 energy}
Armament- Scythe {Meele range, 20 damage}
Abilities: Void Scythe: Enchants the Schythe with the power of the void. Gives it these stats. {Melee Range, 45 Damage, 100 energy cost}
"Ok..." I said back.

"Akia you have to realize that it's a different timeline and the fashion is different...the people of this generation didn't have to worry about the things we did at all. And what's wrong with this outfit?" He picks up the tank top that Akia had in her hands. "I think you would look cute in it?" He laughs.

Akia twitched slightly at Raven's laughter, and was visibly embarrassed about the subtext.
She then activated Maelstrom, which she copied from Kasora, during his little encounter in the room.
Everyone in the store was frozen in place.

Raven found himself dressed in the tanktop, and slathered with makeup samples that were availible on the counter.
Akia smiled and said sarcastically, "It looks good on you too."
Fantasy? What about the other thread?

The makeup was melting from the acid that released from my pores and the shirt was torn off. And I shot it at her and her clothes that she brought with her were disappearing in front of her eyes. "Looks like you have to wear the clothes. Quit being a !@#$% all the time just because you aren't satisfied with the timeline..."
Please finish the other thread first.
Fantasy? What about the other thread?

The makeup was melting from the acid that released from my pores and the shirt was torn off. And I shot it at her and her clothes that she brought with her were disappearing in front of her eyes. "Looks like you have to wear the clothes. Quit being a !@#$% all the time just because you aren't satisfied with the timeline..."

Akia in responce kicked Raven in his face. Underneath her clothing was a jet black... Ghost suit.
It wasn't affected by the acid. "Damn it! It's not the timeline, it's the mocking!"
Now other clothing would have to be worn over it.
He hit the ground, blood was dripping from his lip. "If Shade can wear their clothes then you can do it! Stop being so damned insecure about yourself! What is wrong with your body that you don't want to wear them?"

And post in the other one first!
It's full.

IC: I sigh and grab them both by the collar. "Take it under the pier you idiots. And get rid of the bloody ghost suit. You won't exactly blend in with that."
Akia bit her lip, and turned around. Her ghost suit was jet black. She quietly bought the most respectable clothing in the store. It cut off just above her belly button, and a skirt that ran down just below her knees.

Abel dodged a strike from Requiem, he hadn't even taken a single step.
The sword of psionics was powerful, and was even more destructive than any hand held weapon the Academy had. One hit would wipe him out. His core started to devour the residual energy released by the floating weapon, but the energy was so compressed, that it wasn't easy to absorb.
A stroke from the back wiped Abel out.
Requiem said, "You're improving. But you need to focus more. You get exponentially weaker, it's as if losing a little bit of power causes self doubt. Next time we spar, it will be no restraints."
Abel stood up slowly.
Raven spat on the ground and the acid in it was burning a hole in the floor. "This is starting to become bull!@#$...just be damned glad you aren't wearing what those spring break kids wear." And with that Raven walked out of the store and slammed the door shut.
I sigh. "Thanks for being reasonable, Akia, and sorry for calling you an idiot. I just really prefer not to know how far the sheltering from Shadow goes."
I decide to find what the humans call a "college". The place of learning seems well suited to my tastes, and I hear some allow visitors. A walk up to a man on the side of the street, and ask:

"Hello, fellow h.omo-sapien lifeform. Would you happen to know where the nearest place of adult learning would be? I would be interested in engaging in study there for the purpose of furthering my research on several.... topics."

Edit: Seriously? It censors that? Wow....
I look at Dani.
"You know I can be anyone you want me to. It might make things more interesting got you." I wink at Dani again.

I shake my head at Raven and Akia.
"Well I think I am going to turn in for the night. I'll see you later."
I head to the hotel and go to the room that I was assigned.
She sighs. "I was done with that, though. I had a good thing going with Marco, and now he's dead." She drops Flint in the lobby, and gives him a room key. "You're in 4C."

Jess walks out to the car, grabbing a vending-machine burrito.
I walk out barely keeping myself up and following Jess. "What's Ceas talking about?"
whoolly sh!t this is on the 22 thread!!!!!!! u sure its not gettin a bit old????
First off, FIX YOUR BLOODY SPELLING AND GRAMMAR!!! Second, it should be done soon.
We have about 10 more plot-missions, and whatever we make up on the way....

This will be a while....
She shrugs. "Who knows? Apparently, you're going nuts and losing your health at the same time." She scowls. "Business as usual."
We have about 10 more plot-missions, and whatever we make up on the way....

This will be a while....

I predict by the 57th thread this will be done at the rate it is going.

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