PanKoprulu Academy Part 22

Joeyray's Bar
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"Wait tread more lightly. If you were referring to how I was acting earlier I doubt that was all you. I am still drunk enough to probably hit on Umbra."
I was starting to sober up a little bit. I knew I was going to regret drinking this much come morning when I have a killer hangover. Right now that didn't matter.
She goes white. "Please tell me you didn't. She might go praying mantis on you."
"No I didn't. Least not that I remember. Besides she has already tried something similar to that. She slipped a 'yes man' serum into one of the drinks on the ship and I ended up with it. If she told or asked me to do something I couldn't say no."
"I got lucky and Cayl and Jessica saved me from spending the rest of her life with her. I managed to purge my system of the serum so it is no longer there. Glad I did to she probably had a way to make sure it would have been permanent."
She pushes out a breath. "Feel lucky she didn't find where Shadow keeps what he refers to as the Original Wine- it makes you regard the next person you see as a god, and there is no cure. It also never wears off."
"I'll have to start making my own drinks then. Thanks for the heads up."
I sigh my mind was still altered by the alcohol. I still wanted Dani but I knew it wasn't going to happen. I should probably go sleep it off but I couldn't get my self to get up and walk to my room.

I decide to keep talking to her.
"So is there anything else that I need to keep an eye out for?"
She nods in a way that broadcasts embarrassment. "I know a lot more, but . . . Please stop. I can feel your thoughts in my head, and I'd love to, with how nice you are . . ." She bites her lip indecisively. "So make your move or leave!"
I curse at myself. I should have better control of my thoughts. I quickly get up from my seat and kiss Dani.
I step away hanging my head.
"I'm sorry. I should have better control over myself."
I decided Akia had a good lay of the land on her own and head back to the hotel. Things were starting to die down anyways.
She blushes. "Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault I was guided into being like this. Besides," she adds a roguish grin, "I liked it."
I look up at her and a small smile draws across my face.
"So now what?"

I enter my room and grab the bed farthest away from the door. I change into my night cloths and sit down on the bed.
She looks like she wants to, but she's conflicted, and keeps glancing at an hourglass necklace she has. The sand is quite slow, but it's more than half gone. She decides to run away, into her room.
I watch her run away going to her room. I guess she didn't want to do anything now. I sigh and start to make my way to the room I was staying in.
Jess and Shade pull up outside the hotel, and Jess looks at a small timer. "Please not now. Not while we're on vacation . . ."

Umbra walks into the hotel.
I was sitting in the lobby, unsure of which room I would stay in. Brian headed to a random room that was booked and had no one in it and jumps onto a bed and falls asleep.
I reach the hotel, and head to the room I shared with Jessica and Flint. When I walk in, I find Jessica already there. "Hey, Jessica."
"Hey Cay. Seen Flint lately?" Just as I ask Flint walks into the room. He looked like he was seriously think over something.
"Flint you ok?"

"Huh. Oh yeah I am fine. Just going to need to drink a lot of water before I go to bed."
I grab a glass and drink several cups of water. I feel the alcohol that wasn't process yet start to enter the rest of my system. Great more drunkenness. I quickly down several more glasses than head to the bathroom to change into my night cloths as well.
I grab the middle bed and lay down and try to sleep.
Umbra knocks on 4C. "Hey, you guys. Shadow usually does this, but he must have forgotten. Can you come over to 4F?"
I open the door. "Sure. What for?"
I groan as I was almost asleep.
"Yeah just a moment."
I climb out of bed and head over to 4F with Jessica right behind me.
She draws her mouth into a line. "You. Erm, how to explain it . . . Ms. Glitsrinn loses her effing mind every so often, and we hold her down while Shadow uses a Nightmare of Marco to calm her."

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