PanKoprulu Academy Part 22

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My eyes widen. I felt like this was my fault.
"Will is she ok?"
Umbra nods. "This is all pretty routine, but we weren't expecting her to go off during the trip. Bad timing, I suppose. Anyway, you're a Changeling. Can you become Marco and . . ." She laugh-coughs " . . . settle her down?"
"Yeah I can try. I will need a photo or a memory to work from."

I bite my lower lip as I hold back on telling Umbra what happened back in the lobby.
I was close behind. "And what are the rest of us for?"
She laughs. "Holding her legs. I got kicked in the face last time, not looking forward to it again." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out an old photo, displaying the whole Typhon crew. It had to be an old picture, as Shadow's hair was military short, Jess didn't have her backpack, and Ivan the medic/interrogator was still alive, making a victory symbol. Near the center, Marco is holding Dani, and she appears happy and carefree.
"Alright, that will help with holding the form. I am sure she is wanting to talk to him. Do you have a recording or memory of his voice?"

I glance at the happy carefree Dani for a moment while I wait for Umbra to procure the last thing I need.
"I can take a kick or two thanks to my helmet. How long does it normally take?"
She looks around, and pulls out an audio CD. "This is a recording of Shadow, Dani, and Marco delegating orders." She shrugs. "Oh, and the recording doesn't show it, but he spoke some dead Earth tongue when he was excited about something. Sounded all whiny and nasaly. You know which language I'm talking about?" She smiles. "Depending on her mood, anywhere from five minutes to six hours."
"Italian.. French... There are several that fall under that description."

I listen to the audio CD listening to Marco's voice. I listened to how he said certain words and different words he used.
"...I'm gonna need some serious energy drinks tomorrow..."
"The worst, or so Shadow tells me, was how he kept getting stuck on a one-syllable word: le. Pissed everyone off to no end, and he mixed it with Common all the time."
"Ok I think I can do this. And he spoke French then I believe. He mixed it with common words correct?"
I take on Marco's form before I continue to follow Umbra to the room.
Before we enter I turn to Umbra.
"Why did you decide to use me. I figured that you might have had someone or something else that might have worked."
My helm envelops my head, protecting me from a kick. "Ready."
She grins knowingly. "I have my reasons." As they approach the bedroom, Jess is already holding Dani's left arm in preparation. Dani breathes rapidly, and the hourglass is down to specks. Umbra holds the right arm. "Everyone ready?" Dani looks panicky. "What are you-" her eyes go blank, and she foams at the mouth.

I do what I do. It is funny, yes?
I lunge forward, and grab both legs. "Jessica, some help." I could feel her trying to break free and was once more thankful for my helmet.
I glance at Umbra curiously and continue into the room in Marco's form. It felt wrong like I was deceiving her but from what Umbra told me it was necessary.
"Dani its me Marco." I look right at her eyes.

I walk over to Cayl and help him out as best as I can.
She still thrashes violently. "Where are you? I feel . . . cold." She has an expression of utmost fear and dejection.
"I am right here beside you Dani. I have missed you so much." I stand right next to the bed still looking into her eyes.
"Dani look at me. Look at you lover."
A foot manages to get loose and catch my helm, but nothing more. I get a hold of it again and pin it down, contemplating just laying on the legs.
She looks at him, enraptured, and apparently desperate. "It's just so cold . . . Why did you lead me here?" Umbra looks over, and mouths, 'Memory. Your line is- you need to leave here. It isn't safe.'

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