PanKoprulu Academy Part 22

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"You need to leave here. It isn't safe." I hold my gaze at her.
I was fighting to control my thoughts and emotions right now. If I couldn't hold those then this will not work.
The foot was dangerously close to escaping again, but I was holding on tighter, so it wasn't getting loose. Calm down Dani...
She holds his gaze. "This is a stealth craft. Where will you sit?" Her fear increases. Umbra feeds him his line. 'I won't.'
"I won't."
She thrashes about more. The memory portion, at least, appears to be over. "Co-come back! I wanna try again!"
Both feet come loose, kicking me in the helmet. "Oomph." I grab them and lay on them til she quits thrashing. <Hurry up. I'm starting to get a bit of a head ache.>
Umbra looks over, and mouths something. 'Cayl, she just relived a moment she lost her soulmate. Have some freaking compassion.'
Now what Umbra?
Four phases:
Got that?
<Kinda hard to do when you can't think straight.> I shift my weight and take a knee to the head again. < often does this happen again? Because I'm all for helping people with the hard times, but this is ridiculous.> Trying to shift my weight back around, I take another knee to the head. I'm gonna be useless tomorrow...
Lay? What do you mean by lay? I assume that I have to hold Marco's form as well.
She frowns. Every nineteen days.
Use that wonderful male imagination of yours. And yes.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I cannot do that to her. Not like this. Damn it Umbra that is why you picked me isn't it.

I start to comfort Dani holding the form of Marco.
Not like you really have a choice, unless you want her to stay like this. And yes, I figured, with how I could see your mind working, you wanted this ANYWAY. Wrong or right?
Damn it she is right. I did want this but I didn't want it this way. I didn't want her to stay this way either.
Your right I did want this. I didn't want it to have to happen like this though. I cannot let her stay this way either.
I scowl over at Umbra then return my attention to Dani comforting her as I could.
She shudders. "Thanks, baby. It means so much . . . Finding you . . ." Umbra looks over. Think of it this way: Shadow has been using Nightmares to do this for six years. It's really nothing special. Now get to work on Phase 3.

I sigh mentally. I fight back at my emotions as I start phase three like Umbra had said. I didn't like what I had to do but I knew if I wanted Dani to return to normal I had to.

I might not be special to you Umbra and with a Nightmare being used it isn't Shadow himself. It is different for me.

I mentally sigh again knowing that Umbra is probably enjoying every bit of this.

OOC: I am probably off as well. Might not be able to post a whole lot tomorrow working almost all day. I shall once again trust you Drac to control Flint.
O_O Woke up early today for some odd reason, and I can get the black screen ready for you.......
I return to the others to feel horrific thoughts flooding my mind.

"Jess? Flint? Cayl?"

"Are you actually doing that. Now? Here?"

I pause, and walk slightly faster back to my room.
I started to feel something..."I wonder if this is what Ceas was talking about..."

OOC: It would be nice if you could tell us what this condition is Owl because I have no idea what it is.

IC: Raven walked into his room and he didn't know who he was bunking with. "God damn it!" He punched the wall. "Why can't we just get along but no Akia has to have a fit about the clothing here..."

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