PanKoprulu Academy Part 22

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I almost gag on my spit when I realize what lay is. <Are you f*cking kidding me? Now? Flint, she's f*cking crazy.>
I look at Cayl.
Well if it is our only option then it is what needs to be done. You and Jessica can probably head back to the room now.
I turn back to Dani.

I stand up and leave the room quickly. I didn't want to be there any longer anyway.
Standing up, I get another good kick to the head, really rattling my brains. I walk out, lowering the helmet and rubbing my temples. <Right...> As we get closer to the room, I sigh. "Umbra really struck low with that one..."
I got up and I was feeling differently mentally and emotionally. "I feel so weird..."
"Yeah no kidding. I feel bad for Flint right now to. It put him in a very awkward situation. I guess he was thinking of Dani when he came into the room earlier." I enter the room and head strait for my bed. I couldn't sleep now I was to awake.

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I head towards my bag and pull out some pain killer. Maybe the helmet had been a bad idea. "Still, Umbra could have made her think it was happening. She's powerful enough." I take a couple pills and sigh as they start to take effect. "She really needs an attitude adjustment one of these days."
Has the button at the ready and my finger was hovering above it.

IC: I was walking past one of the others and I gripped my head, I felt something...
"That's Umbra then I guess. She seems to like to mess with people. I mean she spiked a drink on the ship so she could control someone." I stretch out on my bed.

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"That's a good point." I go and lay down on the couch, figuring I'd let Flint have the bed when he got back. "Still, she can't go around doing what ever the hell she wants."
I was starting to play with my pocket knife.
I started to feel something..."I wonder if this is what Ceas was talking about..."

OOC: It would be nice if you could tell us what this condition is Owl because I have no idea what it is.

IC: Raven walked into his room and he didn't know who he was bunking with. "God damn it!" He punched the wall. "Why can't we just get along but no Akia has to have a fit about the clothing here..."
Extreme hyperactivity, temporary loss of sanity, a constant high pitched buzzing in the back of your head, chance of being in intense pain for a while and in extreme cases, emitting pulses of psionic energy at random times. Oh, and total loss of common sense while it lasts.
And what is that named?
Dani smiles. "Doing what you always want."
Finally, she clutches Flint/Marco to her chest in happiness. However, unlike the real thing or one of Shadow's Nightmares, Flint isn't strong enough to break her genetically-enhanced grip, in which he sadly finds himself.

Umbra and Jess lounge back in the room's center area. "So, Shadow's comm was off?" Umbra grins dementedly. "I never said I checked."
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I just lay next to Dani unable to escape her grasp. I still felt guilty about what had happened.

Umbra when do I start the final step
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And what is that named?
Nothing. It's so rare that it has never been named, due to the extremely unlikely sequence of evens that must happen to cause it.
Well, she'll hug you like a Teddy bear for a little bit, then you turn around, tell her you have to leave a while, and say nice things to her. That sums it up.
Last post you know what to do after it Drac



I wait for Dani to stop hugging me and start the final step.
There's an issue if you think you'll wait it out. You let her for a while, then break her grip-
Wait. You can't, can you? Pathetic.
I walk over to Umbra and Jess. "Which room am I staying in?" I wasn't paying attention but I was still playing with the pocket knife.
Jess points down the hall. "4D. Just watch your roommates." She glares at Umbra. "You're telling me we could have called?" She goes white. "What about when Dani wakes and finds either Marco or Flint still in bed? She'll know, and . . . I don't wanna think about it." Umbra yawns. "In their heads, they both wanted it."

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