PanKoprulu Academy Part 22

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"Who are they? Because, the need to watch someone is required for almost everyone in the academy. And what the f*ck are you two talking about?"
Jess looks at the roster put together. "Slydra and Akia." Umbra narrows her eyes. "What we discuss is not your business."
"Okay." I say to answer both statements. I walk over 4D and lie down on the bed closest to the door and fall into a sleep.
Wait is Slydra and Akia roommates with Zaros because I'm confused...I thought they were Shade's? And since Flint is sleeping with Dani...Raven might sleep with Cayl and Jessica..

IC: The buzzing started and I was starting to feel really hyper. I was losing it. "Ring ring...ring ring..." I was trying to imitate the sound.
Actually, Flint is still with us, regardless of current location, not to mention Jessica would whoop some @ss if Raven walked in.

IC: I tossed and turned, nightmares about fighting the Zerg on Morzan still prevalent in my mind. It had been the first planet to fall, and a lot of good men died defending it.
I was now running down the hall talking to myself...talking to a person who wasn't there and I ran past someone. "How are you doing...I'm doing fine...I know he can be a pain in the !@#..."
CR, I'm in my room. How could you run past me?
I start to push away from Dani. I couldn't break her grip but I can still try.
Raven poked his head into Cayl's and Jessica's room. "Where are they at...I need to figure out who I'm sleeping with?"

I was dancing in the hall muttering more stuff and I passed Raven.

"What just happened there?" He asked.
I shut the door telepathically on Ravens head hard.
"Go find your own room!"
I stumble back. "God damn it...she didn't even answer my question on where they are at. And aren't you just slightly worried that Shade is acting up?!" He yelled through the door.
"No I am more worried about Flint right now!" I yell back at Raven.

OOC: Got to go again. Same drill, Drac has control of Flint if need be. Zarkun can use Jessica if need be as well.
He was confused. "But...I wasn't talking about Flint..." With that he turned away all confused.

I felt a sharp pain and I was screaming...the pain was extreme and intense. "Why are you hurting me...but I thought we were friends...what do you mean we weren't!"
I hear Shade screaming and exit the room to see what the hell was going on.

Brian was still sleeping blissfully in the random room he went into.
Dani looks at Marco/Flint. "What's wrong? You're doing all these sad little twitchy things."

Jess and Umbra continue to argue.
"The voices will soothe me...yes they will." I was gripping myself while I was in extreme pain.

Raven walked into the conversation between Umbra and Jess. "Sorry...wrong room." And with that he was about to turn back around.
"Shade, what voices? What's going on?" I ask as I rush over to her.
A small gust of wind knocks over a nightstand, my nightmares growing more intense.
I shake Shade a little bit. "Shade! Are you alright?" I start yelling.
I put my finger on his lips. "'ll wake them..."

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