Double Clicking Issues (issues c command)

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Hi SC2 community,

I've been having issues with double clicking in games. I play as terran and use double clicking to quickly hotkey all of my buildings, but recently double clicking have been sending the "c" command in addition to selecting all of them.

For example, if i have 3 barracks up, and double click a barrack, a reactor would start buidling.

This can be very frustrating especially if i'm playing as mech trying to build multiple tech labs on factories, which instead creates reactors when i double click on them. Is this an issue with the game itself or the mouse?

I've managed rearrange my hotkeys so that reactor builds using "r", which seems to have fixed the issue, but i can't rearrange every hotkey and learn everything new again. There are still issues, such as double clicking barracks tech lab starts making combat shield (which is sometimes desired, but i still want to control it).

I have a Razer Tron gaming mouse. If anyone could help me out that would be great.


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