Problem with dual monitor setup on OS X.

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I have a Mac Book running Lion, and I have the laptop hooked up to an external monitor. I would like to use the monitor as the only screen, but since the monitor and the laptop have different aspect ratios it is impossible to mirror the displays. I have the monitors configured such that bringing the mouse to one of the corners transfers the mouse to the other monitor. When I am playing Starcraft, and the mouse goes into this corner, the cursor disappears and does not come back unless I enter window mode, bring the cursor over to the other monitor, and then enter full screen mode again. It is worth noting that SC still recognizes mouse movements meaning that I can scroll by moving my mouse left, right, up, and down, and if I click and drag I do get a box on the screen, but there is no cursor.

EDIT: If I use the external monitor with the laptop closed I do not have this problem.

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