Advice for poor performance since patch 1.5

Mac Technical Support
I played sc2 for over a year on a Macbook Pro (Intel i5, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M).

I had to keep all graphics settings on low and have a fan blowing nearby just to keep it at a reasonable temperature, and keep the game somewhat playable during large battles.

Patch 1.5 took that reasonably-playable game on a mac and destroyed it. The FPS drops during battles in team games made the game unenjoyable.

So what did I do to solve this? I built a PC and put Windows on it for about $550.

Seriously, on a Macbook, my average APM would be in the 90s. Now, with a decent graphics card, my APM is often 110 to 115. I play at much higher graphics settings, and the FPS is always high. It's fantastic, and I won't recommend sc2 on a mac anymore.
This is surprising since the 1.5 patch has had the opposite effect for so many mac users.

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