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"See, I'm a 21st century digital boy
I don't know how to read but I got a lot of toys
My daddy's a lazy middle class intellectual
My mommy's on Valium, so ineffectual"
-Bad Religion, "21st Century Digital Boy"

Me: "Were you treated with liquid happiness?"
Girl: "No, coffee."
Me: "What's the difference?"

Wat r u doin
-message log, Terran was going Marine/Nuke
Everything written by Nietzsche.
I. Am. Amazing.
In Soviet Russia, you no find Waldo, Waldo find you.
-demotivational poster
"Who are you, where you been, where you from?
Got some burning omni'tence 'bove your tongue
You lie so much you believe yourself
Judge not lest ye be judged yourself
Holier than thou
You are
Holier than thou
You are
You know not"
Metallica, "Holier Than Thou"

"When war approaches, hire the wise man, the strong man, the stupid man, the cowardly man, and the covetous man.
The wise man will seek to boost his prestige
The strong man will seek to prove his power
The stupid man fears not death
The cowardly man will fear pressure enough to follow orders
The covetous man will seek to cover himself in the gold of medals and the attention of women
Such is war."
Sun Tzu, Art of War
To quote Freeman from Freeman's Mind. "Ninjas man. !@#$ing ninjas. I was not expecting ninjas. Who does expect ninjas? No one! They're ninjas!"
In Soviet Russia, you no pop popcorn, popcorn pop you.
-My cousin at dinner one night.
"I want my Cadi back, stupid b!tches."
-Tallahassee, Zombie Land
"So you wanna go a little mexico?"-Mexico from Adventures in Skyrim.
"Should I be awake for this?.."
- The Heavy in meet the medic

Shadowfury links this on DA chat.

My response and the conversation that follows starting with me:

"Ive probably killed a lot of kittens."

"Well that's disturbing thought..."

":3 Ive killed kittens.... Hundreds"

"...I am scared."
"You're really starting to bore me. I think watching grass grow would be more fun than going against you again."
Me, after beating my cousin CJ (and all his online friends) at CoD for the sixty-seventh time in a row.

"Just one more thing
Just to play the king
But the castle crumbles and you're left with just a name
Where's your crown, King Nothing?"
Metallica, "King Nothing"
Be bold
be bold
yet not to bold,
Lest your heart become cold.
-Paraphrased from Castles, a Particular History

Be brave
Be brave
but not too brave
that will kill you.
Sounds like my cousin CJ.
Yeah. I don't profess to be a professional at anything, but I'm never dead last.
It comes from logical reasoning.
What's this fun you speak of?
-Me after parenthood.
Dorothy: "How do you talk if you.don't have a brain?"
Scarecrow: "Some people without brains do a whole lot of talking."

"A spider web! And it's a big one! Someone pass me a lighter!"

Can't move at all
Can't hear my call
I am dying to live
Cry out
I'm trapped under ice!"
Metallica, "Trapped Under Ice"
Biff - "That's as stupid as a screen door on a battleship!"
Marty - "That's heavy Doc!"
Doc Emit Brown "Back to the future!"
"Where we're going, we don't need roads."
Doc Brown, Back to the Future

Catholic Doctrine Sheet 1738: "People should be permitted to make their own decisions pertaining religious and moral matters."
Me: (derisive laughter) "The freaking irony."

"For it's the end of hist'ry
It's caged and frozen still
There is no other pill to take
So swallow the one that made you ill"
Rage Against the Machine, "Sleep Now in the Fire"

"I am the future! I am unstoppable! I am a ROBOT!"
R-110, |TimeSplitters: Future Perfect|
what?... what!?... WHAT!?!?!.... wait.... whaa?.... whatatat!?... whuuuut?!.... ooh... okay.... wait... whuuuuut1? whaaat!? WHUUUUT!?

-Me after chapter 12 of dead space.

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