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Testing was flawed and the death kitten decided to take over the Terrans
No, say it removed their spinal cords and beat them with them.
"Well I wanted others to have a chance to think of something creative and bloody."
It will be bloody

The death kitten flew to Mar Sara
It entered the atmosphere without burning to death.
But got blown up by the anti kitten cannon.
Just for it to turn into a million Nyan Cats with razor sharp teeth.
They then turn everyone on Mar Sara into a Nyan Cat or ripped their head off
Then all get vaporized by the Lorian ship Endgame. XD

Endgame is a planet cracker.
^That's more than 10 words MechaGhidrah.

All seem hopeless until a light appeared in the sky
But out of the energy of the dead Nyans an Uber kitten the size of a worldship eats the Endgame and sh!ts it out
Mecha, you're breaking the rules and vaporized means there's nothing left of them.
Ok, reset will come tomorrow with updated rules. Until then, have fun until the reset comes. Last post for me tonight.
I ninga edited. And how am I breakin da rules???
10 words or less. Your posts went over the limit most of the time.
^what he said.
@Mecha Only allowed 10 words or less.
"It was f*ckin' vaporized. Turned to nothing. Basically all it is, is air particles extremely spread out. So impossible."

In the darkness I appear, the whole world goes dark under a shadow.

"Allow this because it is just over and is good for starting off another piece."
And get punched in the face with a panda bear.
Go with Shadowfury's reset. Seriously, last post for the night. I will be cataloguing everything in the first post of what we came up with.

It'll look like this:
1st attempt

2nd attempt


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