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Never mind, go with mine. Off to bed with me.

"War is coming. The stench of death fills the air."
I look around, a loaded weapon in my hands.
And then everyone died.

Then a hybrid spell gone wrong revives everyone again
A midget steps into the fray, holding dual shotguns. "DIE!"
But then the Ugly Barnacle kills everyone.
Endgame once more vaporizes the villain.
A million dwarfs swarm out of holes with pickaxes.
and everyone dies
But only for it to be a hallucination of Mujesticcc.
but a random chocolate bar appears
and it is eaten by the mighty Heretic
09/23/2012 08:07 PMPosted by smylez
"War is coming. The stench of death fills the air."

I survey the field of battle.
I see the man watching everything, and aim at him.
I slit the man's throat who had the gun.
As I fall, I turn and shoot the stranger in the gut.
I find his surprised face humorous.
I throw me knife at the other man saying, "F*ck you."
I hit the ground, and shoot the man again in the head.
The dust settles.

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