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"But what if you weren't human?"
"Death comes to us all, and waits for none."

Somebody post an action, dialogue gets tiring without context.
I can't work out if Zarkun's post and Shadowfury's post can work together... Sorry Shadowfury, I have to ignore yours.

"You can't seriously think-"
God damn....
"You see, I'm an idea, and ideas are bulletproof." Draws knives.
"Ideas live as long as someone remembers them." Darkness falls.
"I bet there once was a brilliant man. But forgotten."
"You trying to fool me!?" I run forward.
I throw a knife into the running man. "No."
"Everyone. Just forget everything about him. He will not exist."
"Eventually, the darkness claims everyone who sees its endless pathways."
The man stirs, then lays still. Is he dead?
The philosopher-like man shoots the man on the ground.
For good measure, I throw another into his heart.
A dark chuckle fills the room. "Welcome to the darkness."
"Hehe... You... can't... win." He coughs blood and dies.
"No victory. No defeat. There is only living in illusions."
I look in the darkness. "I fear thee not."
With a focused mine, I light soothing blue flame
"Light, and dark. Ever will they dance together through time."

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