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"You will have your chance when he finishes the test."
"Observe young one and see what you can learn here."
The man left alone in the room shifts in displeasure.
"Live in darkness, find the light."
I sit down and wait, playing with my knives.
I take out my whetting stone and get to work.
I awoken in a field, the skies gray and dreary.
OOC: 10 sentences makes it hard to tell whose point of view it is. For now, Zarkun is A, the Templar is T and the main character is simply B.

Write it like this T: [Sentence]
I insert my own person: Guider as G.

G: Flames encircle the man. "Can you feel and not touch?"
OOC: I approve, use that format so it will be easier to distinguish between characters as everything so far is dialogue driven.

B: "I feel the fiery lick of the flames grazing me."
B: "A field?" I can't believe my eyes. How'd I arrive?

Hard to get that in ten words.
09/24/2012 05:15 PMPosted by smylez
"I feel the fiery lick of the flames grazing me."

Follow your own advice. Who is that? Zarkun?
I edited just now, brain fart it was only when I checked again that I realized.
G: "Do not touch the fire, feel it. Can you feel?"
B: I roam the field. I realize that Zarkun is gone.
B: The flame limit my movement. "Yes I feel. It scorches."
Wait. Thundercrash, is the flames encircling Zarkun who's in the room or the main character who's in the field?
Main character.

G: The flames draw closer. "Then you do not feel them."
The flames are encircling the main character. Zarkun's character is waiting in the room after the main character was teleported by the beam of blue light.

B: My thoughts race around me. What does this he mean?
B: "Take them away!"
T: "Do they burn or not?"

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