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B: "Remove this illusion. It can not hurt me. Next test."
G: The flames become real, then depart, leaving a harsh burn.
B: The flames burn me, but then they extinguish.
G: A figure appears in the air, like a heat distortion.
B: "You sent me here to test me, but now to torture?"
G: "You think too much. You concern yourself with the present..."
B: "Sorry I'm impatient. I just liked to be burned."
G: The figure raises something, like a sword, and stabs you.
B: "I told you, illusions won't affect me any more!"
G: "In that, you are very wrong." The wound begins bleeding.
B: "But I feel nothing! I-" I look up at him.
G: "Then you will die."

OOC: What the hell are you talking about?
I'm just making stuff up that sounds good. Haven't you noticed?

I was drawing inspiration from a StarGate Atlantis episode. Shepard fights this phantom creature created by the fears of villagers. It may have only been an illusion, but he got seriously clawed.
This reminds me of the Star Trek episode in Voyager where they went into a realistic virtual reality and even though they couldn't get hurt, their minds made it so real that they would die from heart attacks to fear alone.
I think I saw that somewhere else. The Matrix, I think. Or something like it.
I guess.

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