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Name: Jen Stukov Devise
Body build: Average, Lithe
Descendant: Devise and Stukov, Rebecca and Leon during their times and they led a group of Terran's of their own on a planet that was nowhere near the Dominion after something happened on a certain planet.
Description: 5'11" palish skin to a tanned look, orange eyes, very dark brown hair, hair is long and slightly wavy. Wears a leather vest along with chaps and a cloak.
Hard to sway, hunter, thoughts of adaption.
Can be quiet and is hard to trust others at first but once there is respect and trust along with friendship then she will help them in need.
Skills: Good psionics since the first people that started the bloodline were a Shadow and a Valkyrie. Is adapt at a hunting spear that can be used for multiple uses, fishing, hunting, killing, leverage...
Weapon: Hunting Spear
Good, name your starting point.

And Zarkun you'll startin the north naer the winter forests with raven
I'm going to do Artic.
You all wake up. Having no recollection of your past lives, you know only your family name, and who they were, and yourself. You find yourself on a various spot on a small planet.

The east containing jungles and deserts, the center mainly deciduous forest and north sides are confierous forests. And South is an arctic wasteland.

The west is a dark place, filled with energies that could kill a regular person.
You are not regular people.

Together you will find hope for humanity. You will face many trials. And overcome great physical, personal, and self obsticals.

This. Is your story.
I wake up and rub my head.

"Ugh... Where am I-"

I see a young woman next to me, laying in snow.

Who the hell is that?
I slowly come around, rubbing my head as I sit up. Looking around, I look around and find myself in a tree branch with a man next to me in another tree. am I?
Jordan wakes up from a sleep. "WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?" Jordan yells.
Slowly waking up, I open my eyes, looking into the face of another man.
"where the hell?..."
I almost fall out of the tree when the other man speaks. "Not sure. All I know is it's a forest."
I scratch my head. Looking around
"Everyone who's posted is in a forest... Well except you."

Jordan drops down from the pine tree he was in.
I mutter to myself.
I shake my head to clear my mind, and address my fellow stranger;
"Well, first things first. I'm Stefan."
I say, extending my hand.

I grab a weapon that is near me, the tip stabbed in the snow. A polearm made of a dark metel with swirl carvings going along the shaft, and a kind of Obsidian metal alloy tip.

I hold it firmly after hearing a noise.

This metalwork seems... Familiar.

I holster it on the back of my armor, noticing they are of the same craftsmenship. I dont understand why, but I have an overwhelming feeling that the girl laying in the snow is important, so I pick her up and hoist her on my shoulder, and I venture through the wastes, seeking... Well. Anything other than ice or snow.

OOC: Dont tell me Jester isnt here...
"Jared." I shake the mans hand. No harm in trusting him. He hasn't given me a reason not to yet. I look around and spot two weapons near me. A single edged long sword, which it seems goes on my left hand side, and a machine gun of some sort that goes in a holster on my right hip. I place them there and look around. "So, we go the forest floor then?"

OOC: Unfortunately.
Looking around I take stock of our surroundings;
Trees, trees, more trees.. a mountain.
Turning back to Jared, I nod.
"Sounds good to me. Lets go."
As you look up, you see smoke arising from what seems like a forest clearing a little while away.

IC: I find I wasnt too deep in the wasteland, and find a treeling that starts a forest of white trees, starting at the base of a mountain.
Jordan notices the rifle on his back. He looks at it. "Well looks like I'm a sniper." He shrugs and scrambles up a tree again to look at his surroundings.
I approach the treeline. I take note of the beautiful scenery, and I set the woman down and take a rest. As I'm sitting I look at my weapon.

"I know what this is... But I cant... Quite put my finger on it..." I say to myself.
As I start climbing down I see smoke rising from a clearing in the trees not far from where we are.
"Look at that. It seems we're not the only ones around here."
I climb down the tree, carefully watching for any forest predators. I'd noticed I had extra clips of ammunition for the gun on my hip, so I wasn't too worried. Still, we had to be careful. We didn't know what was waiting at the bottom of the trees. I glance up, noticing the smoke. "Huh, guess we should check it out."

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