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With the clap of armored boots on concrete, a shimmering cloud comes out from behind a crate and moves up to the edge of the doorway. More shots ring out, deadly and precise.
{Lets move!}

Stefan has got a stealth suit. So the 'cloud' is him.

is this a major part of the base?
I keep up the pressure, trying to get some of the pressure off of Kain. {Stefan, get Devise out of here!} I finally get a couple head shots, killing some of the men, but there were still at least ten of them.

OOC: The Lancer.
IC: "NO!" My eyes turn black as the energies in my body become stronger, the shield expands slightly, then releases, cutting down some of the forces, I take a bullet to the arm and use the other fire Stryker on the rest.

OOC: I said "NO" because she was shot. And it's a hangar they hid in to ambush us because they intercepted our comms.
Jordan takes spot on the APC and anyone he didn't recognize got a 7" bullets right between the eyes. He hears Devise's scream. "Sh!t. BIG GUY! GO GET THE GIRL!"

Cole nods and runs through the hail of bullets. He runs towards Devise.

Assault Rifle:
Jordan: Remove Sniper and Helmet.
"F*CKERS!" I rush in, the rifle holstered in Fury's old spot and Ignus in my hands, a wave of fire expanding outwards and enveloping all but one man. I face him, white flames dancing on Ignus's edge. He laughs.

"She gonna be all mine when I kill you whinny little b!tches." He draws a battle ax and steps forward.

OOC: Warhawk, it's for you.
I kill a man by shooting him in the chest 2 times, then the head, bullets charged with a dark energy, then I pass out when I get shot in the chest, the armor protected me from a puncture, but the impact nearly stopped my breathing.
heh heh...

Again, a single gunshot echos through the room. The last man standing jerks backwards as a 45 caliber round smashes into his face. You hear the sliding click of a bolt action rifle followed by a sharp crack as he staggers back from the second shot, toppling over.
I see another image of my past, I am killing a man with a pistol much like Fear(Shade Gheist technology, stealth based). He was a political leader of some kind. And I assassinated him as he left his family to go to a conference.
Cole barrel rolls in front of Devise, a few bullet wounds were within him. He grabs Devise, making sure she wasn't facing the men with the weapons and moves back to the APC.

Jordan watches. "I should've stayed with her." He stares with cold eyes at the men who had attacked. He puts away his sniper and pulls out his AR. It was in his nature to run. But he was going to f*ck them up. He stares coldly through the scope and then blasts through the men with a rapid fire. The recoil was breaking his shoulder, but the need for revenge allowed him to ignore it.
DM: The enemy forces are eliminated, everyone suffered the price of blood, but in return they will find something more important.
Jordan's cold gaze returns to its normal one and he drops the AR. He starts screaming in pain from the broken shoulder.

Cole places Devise down on a table and looks at his wounds.

Cole: It's a lightsaber only because DA wouldn't give me something none Halo, but there's the hilt of the blade.

IC: I sheath Ignus, calming down. A voice echoes in my head. As those you care for are hurt, your love will fuel your power. "What...." I shake my head and run over to Kain, checking his wounds. "Kain, you ok?"
I start to come to. I see a man, face covered in shadow, in a black hooded robe, silvery tribal-blade-like designs similar to my armor and Darkstar. Get up my child, your journey has yet to be finished. "W-Who are you...?" I finally co e to my senses and see it's Jared. I stare at him blankly as my eyes return to normal, then I say "I'm fine." Then slowly sit up.
The shimmering cloud ripples, then disappears, revealing Stefan looking over the hanger.
"I know this place... why?..."
I continued to wince as the pain felt like a hot fire inside my leg, I used some psionics and it pulled the bullet right out and I gasped as if I was going to scream but I didn't.
OOC: Everybody will see something.
Jordan gets up and starts to stride over to the APC, his shoulder in a flaring hot pain. He made sure he had his AR in his left hand as he went back. "I can't believe I didn't flee..."

"Do you mean memory by see?"
OOC : A hallucination, memory, vision. Anything along those lines, and also there can be some audio.
As I help Kain up, a vision of a man in armor like what I was wearing, leading a charge with Ignus. I almost drop Kain back to the ground in surprise. "What the hell was that..." I mutter under my breath.

OOC: Add a ruby to the hilt.
A memory came up and I was shocked.

I saw myself in combat attire, I was suffering from a chest wound and I was bleeding. The forests near the mountains was where I was. The storm was pouting over top me and a man was standing over me. We embraced a kiss...

It was over.

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