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"Well little lady, I have only so much patience." I decide not to take any of her gear and I venture on by myself.

I start my climb up the mountian where I aim to set up a camp of some sort.
Or find some more information about myself.
Following Jared down the tree, I spotted an old-fashioned bolt-action hunting rifle laying across a couple of branches.
"Odd.. But I know it's mine.. But why?"
With a shrug, I grab the rifle, easily slinging over my shoulder and continue down the tree.
I notice a figure in one of the trees as I'm going up.

I glance over my shoulder and see the man already on the ground. "Hello there! Who might you be?" I drop the last couple feet and roll, the motion fluid and easy.
"I am Kain Orin. But I have a memory of the name 'Korozain' somewhere in there. Dont know why.
Who are you?"

I bring my hand around my back so I can unsheath my weapon if needed.
Dropping down to a lower brach, I slip my rifle of my back. I rest my finger on the trigger, cautious, but unalarmed. From my position I take stock of the newcomer.
"Jared. Surname Rios. Not sure why myself." I had a hand resting on the sword, and I could feel a strange energy in it, but it was familiar.
The newcomer, Kain seemed decent enough, so I relaxed.
"Stefan Alexander."
I say, with small wave of my hand.
I nod.
"Well I was going to go up this mountain so I can make a camp. You two should join me."

I stand up straight, realizing i can trust them.
I kept my hand on the blade, but it wasn't because of Kain. "Actually, we were going to investigate some strange smoke. Wanna come?"
I nod, slipping my rifle onto my back, and dropping to the ground. Standing up, I point in the direction that I saw the smoke coming from;
"Up in the tree, we could see it over there. It's not far."

See you then. I get on about 3:30-4:00 pacific time. Will be on when I can.
Good Night.
"Hmm. Sounds like a good idea. Lets go."
I slide down to them.

Sorry to end so early but I must take my leave. See you all tommorow, I'll be on around 5ish central time.

IC: I start walking, following instincts that came to me like I'd had them my whole life. I felt like I was forgetting something.
Sorry I couldn't participate last night...and is this woman being held by your person Korozain before I begin?
OOC: Not my fault that the DM decided to choose the time range in which I fall asleep to begin the RP. That, and I was distracted by helping my brother with something.

I'll post when I get back.
Jordan sees the smoke and discards it as nothing. He climbs through the trees until he reaches the end of the treeline.
No she isn't CR, he left her and moved on.
Jen woke up under a coniferous tree and little arctic flowers had sprung up as the snow glistened off their leaves. " I?"
OOC: you could've emailed me, i posted it or just told me and i would have moved it...

"What do you expect we find near the fire? It'd be nice if the knew whats going on."
Well it didn't dawn on me...I had to go to bed early for I had to be at the school an hour earlier than before because we had a 2.5 hour drive to a soil judging competition.

Jen noticed that there was not another living soul next to her and she found what seems to be a wooden hunting spear that had her initials carved into the handle. She touched it with her cold bare hands and a memory came back.

Jen was carving the was getting dark and she had to use something to protect herself with when the beasts came out. She didn't know what they were and she tried to fend them off. Then it went blank.

She looked around from where she was laying and she had a wound on her one arm from some kind of bite, turning around she saw one of the beasts from her memory and it was bleeding and lifeless. "I need to skin the fur off and then I could make some clothes to keep me warm..." Reaching in her pocket she found a little carving knife, it wasn't enough to lethally kill anyone but she could use it to carve things or skin animals.

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