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I shrug;
"Beats me. But it's best to be prepared for anything."
I say, slipping my rifle off my back.
As they make near the sight if the smoke rising above the treetops. 3 men drop from the trees.

One wields a stone and metal daggers, wearing nothing but fur rags and some leather armor pieces and a animal bone mask, another with a rifle, wearing thin salvaged neosteel armor, and the last, a man wielding two pistols with an old Dominion "Ghost Operative" Mask. He wears a neosteel chestpiece, and a hide battle-trousers.

The one wielding the rifle aims at Stefan.
"Zarkun isn't here at the moment, please leave a message after the beep. BEEEEEEEEEEP!"

Jordan looks through his scope out at the arctic area and thinks he sees slight movement. For some reason he hated the thought of going out into open area but quickly curiosity takes over. He climbs down the tree and quickly heads out into the arctic plain.
Jen had the little knife out and started to skin the fur off beast...hoping to salvage it she wasn't paying attention to the person approaching and her hands were getting bloody and cold at the same time. Misjudging it she sliced open one of her thumbs and drops the knife. "Come on...not now!"
Jordan was only a few yards away from a lone tree when he hears the yell. It surprises him so much he falls on his butt. I quickly jumps back up with his rifle. He goes around the tree, looking left and right, moving the rifle with his eyes. When he sees the girl he makes sure to aim it at her. "Who the hell are you?"
I dive for cover, firing a potshot over the shoulder of the guy with the rifle. Out of reflex, I pop the bottom of the barrel loose and slide a six inch bayonet out, clicking the casing closed.
"Some welcoming committee!"
I yell.
Hearing the yell I slowly put the knife back into my pocket and I scooped up the beast with grace and precision. After that grabbing the spear I ran as fast as I could, the blood leaving a trail in the snow.
The man with the pistols fire a burst of 6 shots. In reflex I pull out my polearm, but I realize it would do nothing when it was too late. I hold it vertically in front of me, and wait for the worst.

I feel nothing. The polearm created a dark shield around the front of me.
I had no time to think about what the hell that was, so I charged, and pierced his left abdomen.
He bled through the wound, his mouth, and nose as he drowned in his own blood.
Jordan quickly runs after the girl, following the trail of blood.
This part of the forest was still part of the tundra and I didn't look back. Seeing that there was no one behind me I ducked into a bush and had hidden the beast and spear in there as well. I was shivering for I had woken up with torn clothes that were thin and barely holding any heat.
Popping out from behind the tree, leveling my rifle at my counterpart, reloading in the process. I open fire, blowing his head off.
Jordan drops his speed and slowly follows the blood trail. He held his rifle ready to fire. But if there was some sort of ambush set up he'd be screwed.
The other man runs off screaming like an insane neanderthal.
He manages to evade Stefans fire.

"That was fun." I say as i lightly hop up and down and stretch my neck and shoulders, still hyped upped on adrenaline. I then look at my polearm and stop slowly.

"You deserve a name..." I pause and think.
As I say the name, the ornate swirls on the shaft form the name Darkstar in a cursive-gothic-like font.
I slowed my breathing, slowed my body function as to not disturb the bush or to make a sound. I put the beast on top of me, it may have been dead and half skinned but it's keeping me warm. Come on...don't let him find me.
Jordan finds the blood stopping at a bush. He bushes a branch to the side with his rifle and protects his face with his left arm.
Startled by it I jumped out of the bush but the foot got snagged within the branches and I hit the snow face first. "If you're going to shoot me...just go ahead." He noticed that I was using the dead beast for warmth and I didn't even both to grab my spear.
"Okay, I just want to know who the hell you are." Jordan says while pulling himself a little bit back from the girl.
I stuck the thumb in my mouth to clean the wound. I then put up a finger to tell him one second. Pulling the thumb out I spit the blood onto the snow. "I...don't really remember my first name but I remember my surname." The cold was starting to get to my body and I needed warmth, so I took the knife back out and continued to work on the bloody pelt. "It doesn't help when you aim a gun in their face."
Jordan sighs and lets the gun hang loose at his side. "Fine. What is your surname?" Jordan asks with an impatient tone.
"Davise...and since I told you mine you have to tell me your name if you can remember it. It only seems fair yes?" The pelt was almost off and the hands were all bloodied from skinning the pelt off.

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