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"Name's Jordan Raksin. All I really remember is how to aim and shoot a gun aside from my name. As well as climb I guess." Jordan answers. He rests his gun over his shoulder as he kneels down and offers his hand to help the girl up.
I crouch down and look at the spear even more. I look at the butt of the shaft.

"To find yourself, look inside yourself" Is carved along the end of it.

I remember where this weapon is from.

The Shade Gheist Dark Arts Academy. Or The Hall of Darkness.

I see a small image of me training with a tall, slim, muscular man. Then I am brought back to reality.
With a sigh I put the knife up and scoop the now skinned pelt onto my arms and I let Jordan help me up. "If you can't tell...I have a reason for skinning this beast." He noticed that my clothes got torn up by some beast but it covered most of the...necessary areas. And the clothing was really thin and you could even see through some spots.

"I'm...trying to make some kind of vest or something at least with this, if I don't put something warm on soon then I could fall ill soon from hypothermia."
"Well continue skinning and I'll try to get some tree branches and twigs to make a fire." Jordan says. "I could use some more heat anyways. I got more than you, but still not all that much." Jordan wanders off to grab some fallen branches and twigs.
Jordan left and I started to feel something, I couldn't tell what it was but for some reason it felt different compared to other things that I could remember. With the pelt in hand I slowly started to lose balance and then hit the ground. The snow was good cushion.

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Jordan had gathered about five branches and a fair amount of dead grass, flowers, and twigs. He saw the girl on the ground. He rushed over and placed the items on the ground. "Well sh!t." He quickly moves the animal on top of her to use as a blanket and keep her warm enough.

He quickly arranges the twigs and starts making sparks with the sticks over top. As soon as fire was caught on the twigs he moved them closer to the girl. He places the sticks in the flame. He grabs a few rocks and places them under the twigs before they melted the snow under to put it out with water. "That, is, hard." He says panting. He looks at the knife then the beast. "Well I would just mess that up." He shrugs and digs under the snow with the knife and pulls some grass from underneath as the fire gets low.
Coming out from behind the tree, I turn in a full circle before retracting the bayonet and reloading.
"Fun? That was just a waste of ammo.."
I say, somewhat confused and annoyed. I shake my head.
"Anyway, we should keep heading for that clearing.."
I have returned. Sorry for the absence. It ran a lot longer then planned.

IC: I nod. "Good idea." I still had my hand on the sword and a name came to my mind as I walked. Ignus... The energy in the blade reacts, and I feel a strange and familiar warmth enter me. I don't know how, but this was the ability to control the element of fire. Why did I have this ability?
"Thats why it'd be more fun to stab things."
I turn to him and hold back a smile,
"Or learn how to shoot."
I hold a stone face for a few seconds then start to laugh some.
I chuckled at Kain's jokes. They were pretty good. I couldn't help but feel like something was off though. I slowly drew the sword, the blood red blade coming into sight. A memory of training hours and hours with this sword returned, followed shortly by the memory of a man handing me the sword and saying how proud he was. Father... Once more the swords energy rose, as if I was right. I was starting to understand how this was gonna work.
I was slowly waking back up with the animal on top of me and the pelt covering some of my body. "What happened to me?" The heat from the fire felt good. "I don't know what just happened..." I then noticed the tattoos on my arm and they were glowing softly with some energy. "My...arms are glowing..."
McKenzie stirs, waking up from being unconscious, and looks around, something in her mind taking over and looking around for threatening targets. Seeing nothing, she gets up, and collects her things. She sees smoke out in the distance, and begins to make her way toward it.

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"I have no idea what that means and what happened. But just continue skinning the thing so you can be warm without a fire." Jordan says as he pulls some more grass from under the snow and places it in the dying fire.
I am freed from my meditation, and see the woman I was carrying earlyer.
"Hmm. I guess 'Deadgirl' wasnt so dead at all."
I then wave.
I follow Kain's gaze and see a woman in black and red armor headed our way.
"Seen her before?"
I ask.
"I was with her when I awoke. She was unconcious and left her by a tree when I met you guys."
I nod and climb up the nearest tree, blending in with the leaves.
I slowly moved towards the edge of the clearing as we got closer. "We're almost there."
I stuck close to the trees and mildly blended in with the shadows.

As we near the clearing, we see the man with the stone and metal daggers who fled earlier.

"Bogie, at my 10. He's yours Jared.
I nod and slip up on him. Unfortunately, I stepped on a twig and alerted him.

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