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He is startled and lashes out towards Jared with both weapons, and some teeth...
I react by bringing up Ignus, knocking one of the weapons out of his hands, and I follow it up with a thrust piercing his heart. All of it happened like I'd done it before. "That was... exhilarating."
"See what I mean. The methodical art of melee combat is a true beauty. Its much like a Black Widow. Dark, beautiful... And deadly."
I feel the energy in Ignus pulsing. "I agree. It felt right, but I wish I could remember before now. I feel like there's a giant gap in my mind."
I then say softly. "To find yourself, you must look inside yourse-"

I'm cut off by a large man emerging from the shrub-cover near the clearing. He has plates of scrap armor in various areas of his body, and leather patches on other ones. He wields a large tree branch with a large sharpened chunk of metal jammed through it, probably a ship hull piece.

He roars with beastiality and vigour. Then rushes towards Jared and I.

OOC: (and by large, i mean 7(ish) ft. Tall with large muscle mass)
As the large stick-wielding near-giant charges Kain and Jared I bring up my rifle and put around into his head. Reloading, I do it again.
"Never a moment's peace..." I roll away from him, coming up with my gun and emptying several rounds into his back. Ignus helps me to remember the gun's name, the VMN-300 submachine gun. I then holster it and ready myself, letting the familiar heat fill my body and igniting the blade. "Memento mori."
He goes down, but he isnt quite out.

I lose my senses and shout. "DAE ADRI'KOR Drak'Thul!" And I stab the underside of his chin, pull the weapon out quickly, then kick his head to get him back up more, then de-capitate him.
The blood sprays on the snow, coating it with a sheet of red.

I spin Darkstar so the blade points toward the ground and I impale it in the snow, look at the headless corpse and say. "Zak'thual."
I was astonished at Kain's lethality, but I didn't have to worry about him turning on me like this. I extinguish Ignus and beckon towards the smoke. "Shall we continue on our way?"
I come back to my senses, and nod then go in through the shrubery to the clearing.
McKenzie sees them, first wave at her, then get in a fight. She keeps her distance, but follows them, her rifle in hand as her mind's eye looks around, keeping an eye out for more targets.
I step through the shrubbery and into the clearing, finding what looks like a small camp. I couldn't help but laugh a little at the irony. "Looks like as the survivors, we get to take their stuff."
You see 4 huts made of scrap metal. 3 are about 10x10x15 meters in dimensions(about the size of a large bedroom). The other is twice the size of those.

"They probably belonged to the guys we killed." I go inside one, and find old Dominion Ghost gear. None of it is powered, but still able to provide some protection, and still can be powered.
I also find a rack of pistols. I take a "KEI - Tactical Pistol" (.45 caliber pistol, barrel attatchment, 2x scope, and 10rnd. magazine.)
And an "SGA 'Stalker'" (11mm pistol, specialized for long range silent kills. Uses Shade Gheist Soul Technology). The Ghost Gear I take consists of an Enhanced Neo-Steel Chestplate, shoulder pads, and boots, along with a classic Ghost Tactical Mask (HUD not available due to low power).
"Good point." I look around outside before going inside. It seems this guy was well organized I find...
You see 3 racks containing rifles in tech ranging from ancient Confederate grade gauss rifles, too Protoss-Terran hybrid rifles. (AGR- Gauss Rifle [Spectre weapon] C-20A Canister Rifle [High Grade Ghost weapon] and carbine variants of the C-14 Gauss rifle along with the C-14 Impaler)
There is also a row of cabinets over a wooden counter space. And on the opposite end of that are 2 large Air-Sealed wall cases.
I look over the rifles, taking one of the modified gauss rifles that were meant for an unarmored individual, it was labeled RE-23 Assault Rifle (Protoss-Terran hybrid rifle, fires spikes coated in phase disruptor energy with an underslung grenade launcher) then approach the air-sealed wall cases. Opening the first one, I find...
Old CMC-300 Confederate Power Armor. Nothing much to look at, moderate damage, painted orange with various tribal designs.
I shrug. If nothing better was in the second one, I'd take it, but I was really hoping I could find something better in the next one. Opening the second one, I find...
Air is released to reveal a black and red painted (black as the base color and red is the trim and also various dark red fire designs) CMC-660A Environmental Hazard & Combat Suit. (slimmer version of the 660[Marauder Armor]) It has hard cases built into the leg, meant for objective items, pistols or other (like a sword) the back has a ventilation system capable of transferring cold to heat, and heat to cool. It is nearly new condition, various battle scratches and scars. No helmet bt there is a tactical eyepiece
I grin huge. This would work quite nicely. Suiting up, I place my extra weapons in the hard cases and put on the tactical eyepiece and walk out. "Hey Kain, check this out."

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