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I come in the doorway with my new armor and mask on (think of the mask a the one Nova and Sarah wore but a darkgrey color and the lights are red and it has a cloth mask that covers the mouth area)
"Nice, Kain. Check this out." I draw Ignus from it's hard case and the assault rifle, who I dubbed Fury, as well. "Found this in the hut behind me with some more assault rifles. Even got a couple C-20A Canister Rifles in there." I practice a few swings and find that my range of movement really is that hindered.
"Woah! Those were legendary back in the day!"
I look at one with a white and black theme of color. "Perfect. I wonder if I can find a Soul Canister for this... Wait, what the hell is a Soul Canister?"
I put the gun down and I unsheathe Darkstar slowly, and carve in names to the handguns. I name the KEI Hand-Cannon "Stryker" and the SGA Tactical Pistol, "Fear"

I look at the C-20A Rifle closely. Then Darkstar. I attempt to attach it to the bottom of the barrel, but its too long.
"Damn. Too lon-" It then retracts to half its size as I push it in again.
"Never mind..." I use some scrap metal wire to attach it. "Thanks Jared, I owe ya' one. How bout if we find a bar I buy you a drink."
"Nah, I don't drink anyways." Ignus's energy had inscribed the name in a flowing script, and I raise it, looking down the sights. "Calling it Fury. Think there's anything of worth in the big hut?"
They stop glowing. "I wonder if it has something to do with my bloodline? Or my ancestors?" A memory flashed into my mind and it was not my own memory but one of my ancestors and in it was a Weaponized Barge. "That was different...have you ever had memories that weren't yours?"
"Dont know, but whatever's in there." I hold of Darkstar(Darkstar is now part of the rifle) "I'll be ready."
I nod, holstering Fury. "Let's go check it out." I lead the way to the door and slowly open it.
Hopping out of the trees, I roll, braking my fall. Rifle in hand, I make my way through the buildings, grabbing some things along the way. By the time I come to Kain and Jared, I've gotten into a suit of stealth armor with a cloaking generator and some upgrades for my rifle. A compact scope now sits on top of the gun, with a suppresser over the muzzle.
"Well, looks like we hit the jackpot."
I nod. "Wonder why they were hoarding all this stuff. I mean, they didn't have much use for it."
"Maybe they were going to open upa gun store." I shrug and take out my pistols and get in position to breach the large building.
I shrug. "Not sure who'd they sell it to, but we benefit from it, so who cares." Thinking better of it, I sheath Ignus and draw Fury. "Ready when you are."
I nod, then I shoot the doors hinges and kick open the door.

We walk in to see racks and boxes of raw materials. This room is about the size(but not height) as the other huts
Leather. Wood. Coal. Metal scraps and a few ores. And there is a locked section in the back.

"Looks like these guys had some sh!t on them... Lets search around, try to find something."
"I haven't remembered anything yet." Jordan responds, he grabs another stick. "Can I use the knife?"
McKenzie slips into the smaller hut, and grabs two Mk. 2 Auto-pistols (Low caliber, moderate recoil, medium clip) and starts to look around for more ammo for her rifle.
"Agreed." I head straight to the locked section. This has to have some goodies in it if they took the time to lock it. I shoot the lock off then the hinges and pull the door off, finding...
I pass Jordan the knife. "'s not like I have anything at all and it's just used for skinning or cutting food."
A semi-broken Armored Personnel Carrier [Hurricane Model] It is built with a Railgun as the Primary (still intact but not charged). And side MG's capable of firing Gauss or Plasma heated rounds. It has a pair of front wheels and tracks in the back, one is broken. The engine has overheated some time ago, nothing some coolant fluid cant fix. And lastly, there are many holes and battle scratches (nothing some Scrap metal and a fire tool cant fix). There are various unlabeled items on shelfs inside the garage area. This vehicle has room for 6 people to sit in a confortable, air conditioned cargo bay(and a driver)
Jordan starts sharpening the stick with the knife. "Also good for carving/" I say. Fairly soon the point was sharp enough if you used enough force it would be able to stab in a person. "Now I have a weapon in case of melee combat!"
I whistle. "Hey Kain, come check this out. Little bit of work and she'll be good as new." I start looking the APC over. Definitely a good find, and definitely worth fixing up.
OOC: Just wanna say ammo is going to be sparce, and it wont be smooth sailing from here on out. (Vehicle fuel and ammo wont be worried of though)

I drop the box I'm holding and go over to Jared"We could patch er' up with some of this scrap metal and all we need is a cell of coolant fluid and she should be purrin like a Kitten."

I go back and attempt something.
I get some coal and put it in a container...

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