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"I hereby decree that a council shall be established. It will be called the Council of Smylez lead by yours truly. Those who have the prestige to sit on my table will be Pupitar, Our Glorious Dictator Zanon, Thecommander the scribe, and shadowfury. My pet roach shall bel KnarledOne who will be sitting on my lap as I lovingly stroke his carapace."
...REBELLION! *Blows up the Council Chambers.* Hah, try it now.
And actually I might have been a better choice to be on a council if there ever was one...

...REBELLION! *Blows up the Council Chambers.* Hah, try it now.

"This chamber is immune to all forms of damage. ALL OF IT!"

09/27/2012 05:28 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
And actually I might have been a better choice to be on a council if there ever was one...

"Your opinion does not matter. I make the decisions!"
I actually am a Scribe...

*Stabs smylez in the face then punts him to the moon, scoring a goal.* I vin!
I set smylez aflame and take his seat as leader. "From now on you all walk into my closet to await torture in my shadow realm."
"Your closet? That is very naughty of you shadowfury! Ooh so this is what the other side of the moon looked like!"
"My closet is a waiting room to my shadow realm. A place of infinite torture."
I sit on the throne and throw KnarledOne at smylez, crushing him into a new crater on the moon. "Also have your pet. I have better things. Shadow Hounds!" Several black wolves come around the corner, one on either side of the throne.
*Stab SF and the Shadow hounds in the face and punt them to the moon, scoring more goals.* BOO YAH!
"Did I forget to mention that all of what I just was fictional? There is no council. Everything that happened was a dream. And now, you are caught right in the middle of it those of you who replied! I am sure your dreams will be delicious."

Everyone who replied wakes up wherever they are completely horrified.
I grab smylez by the throat and glare into his eyes. His soul is taken from his body and sent to my Shadow Realm. "Die (The following is censored for excessive strong language)."
"How do you kill something that has no soul?"
Erase the body, then forget about him. It will be as if you never existed.
"No, you turn the body into dog food and send it to dogs around the world."
You're a dog person, aren't you.
"Yes, yes I am."

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