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:/ Blizz hands out keys to be given to most active ESL people. . . but they don't hand out keys to all GM's even.

Their logic makes no sense outside marketing.

It's important to give keys to all levels of play, not just the best
Thanks SoOOOOOOOOOOO Much for the beta key!!!!!!!!!!!!
well; congratz ^^
I made my beta profile

looking to have a beta key
Why are golds with 5 games played int wo seasons being invited into the beta?

This is stupid.
09/25/2012 08:13 PMPosted by Violet
Maybe stop inviting the higher league players for a change!? I'm only gold and ive been a beta participant with over 60 hours of SC2 a week, and I haven't even gotten an invite. It said it was judged partly on how active your account was on SC2 recently. :/ Hope i get in this time.

60 hours of SC2 a week and gold. You doing something wrong broh.
Is anyone else having the problem getting NA on ESL? :<
Still waiting for my invite and to no avail =(. I would like to have a beta invite for onceeeeeeeee with Blizzard...:::logging into WOL:::::
I won the TL anniversary and never got an invite yet T.T
ESFI World just announced their beta giveaway! Visit their site for more information on how you can participate.
10/01/2012 01:24 PMPosted by Aldrexus
ESFI World just announced their beta giveaway! Visit [url="http://esfiworld.com/news/starcraft-2-heart-swarm-beta-giveaway"]their site[/url] for more information on how you can participate.

did all of this in like less than a minute lol
All done!

Gimme gimme gimme :D
Hmmm, is this US only or do I have a chance living in Trinidad and Tobago?
How many keys are the ESFI giving away? it dosent say
How do we noe if we got an invitation to hots?
Man what do we gotta do to get into HOTS beta???
I opted in for beta a long time ago and people that I know keep getting in and they don't even play the game much and they even told me they don't care about beta!!!
Please pick some of us that have 1000's of games played and have been active every day since launch. It's killing me that people I know get into beta and don't even play it when there are people out the like me that live for the game!
Let us in!!!!
09/26/2012 06:38 AMPosted by SolaGratia
Dec 11 - HotS released, new season begins across all ladders

This would get the game out in time for their projected 2012 release... Perhaps it's optimistic to hold them to that promise, though - this is blizzard, and they tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to releasing on time vs releasing a more finished, polished game.

Still hoping for another gamestop promo for pre-ordering HotS.
no beta wave this week? :( was hoping to receive my key this wave T.T
Sc2sea's giveaways winners were announced on Sept 23, and it was announced they sent the names 1 day after. Still no one has recieved them.. so dont get too motivated by these contests.

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