PanKoprulu Academy Part 23

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"Yes...your name is Will." He sighs.
"Look at his hands. The flame is there. It's so hot it burns blue. I'm fairly jealous, actually." The last statement was meant to mock him. I doubted that this man could make blue flames like that. I didn't really like my ability to create flames. It has killed people before.
Medic: "Good. Your short-term memory seems fine."
He then glares at him. "What short term memory? I just have never used my name in a while that's all."
"Impressive." I ignite a fireball in my hand, and heat it to white. "Someday the two of you should actually be able to get hotter then a blue flame, but for first timers, that's impressive." I snuff out my own flame, then a small amount of water douses his. Odds were he didn't know how to not cause a sonic boom with the snuff.
"Umbra let her down now. She didn't do it." I smile slyly.

"Don't try to kill me either. Or do anything to Dani." I look sternly at her. "Consider it pay back for the recent pranks you have pulled."
Medic: "Relax, relax. I just mean that you are able to remember things that happen in the short term. If you couldn't then that could mean something bad."
I look at the white flame and I turn away in disgust. To be beaten by this man- Then I got an idea. I look over at Logan whose flame was still burning hot. He was focusing hard on it. I walk over to him and lean over to his ear. "Can you manipulate our people's energy?"

"I-I don't know. I see where you're going with this. Let's try it. Place your hand on my back and try to draw off your energy to your hand. I take care of the rest."
Brian comes back and walks into his room and tosses some painkillers into his mouth.
She looks furious. "I agreed not to touch you or your girlfriend. Mini-me here is fair game." She scowls. "When this wears off, she dies. Got that?!" Jess gasps for air, writhing on the floor. Dani tries to comfort her. "We've got a minute and a half. Hurry up if you want anything." Dani hugs Jess, pressing her close. "Not . . . helping . . ."
I chuckle as I watch these two. I'd end up making them both wet dogs, but I suppose if they think they can pull it off, it was worth the laugh. I was already charging lightening on my finger and playing with it, shooting small bolts of it between my fingers.
"Dani you might want to get her out of here before it wears off."

"Umbra I want you to undo anything that you did to Dani and I recently. Namely the altercation in our vision when we look at one another and the side effect it had on her."
Brian walks around looking for someone.
I step out into the hall and leave Shade to rest. I start looking for the person who was needing help.
Brian sees Jessica and charges at her, ready to hug.
I cloak, side step to dodge the charge, and send Brian flying into the ceiling and hold him there telekinetically.
"Try that again and you might find yourself with out arms." I say as I decloak and glare at Brian.

I leave him there and continue to look for the person that needs help
"Ignore him. Just focus your energy." I sit prone and close my eyes again. At first nothing happens, then I feel heat on my back. "No, no, that's wrong. You're releasing it. Contain it."

"Okay, how?"

"Hmm... Think of it like a vacuum. You are releasing it like a faucet. Try to suck it up into one place and contain it."

"Okay, like this?" The energy seems to build up in my hands. I can feel it gather there.

"No, no, no. Not like that. You are drawing energy and containing it, but you also taking energy from me!"

"Well how should I do it the?!"

"Calm down. You'll disrupt everything. Can't you feel the difference between our powers? It's like my energy is a certain flavor and yours is a different one."

"I- umm. I think so."

"Good. Now collect only your energy and contain it... Yes, like that. Now, let it flow into my body like that, but contain it or else I will have problems... Yes, yes. I'm taking control of it. It's changing to my flavor."

"You're sweating. Are you okay?"

"Really? Didn't notice. Slow the process down. Transfer the energy slowly. I can't transfer it into my hand quick enough." How much energy does he have?!
She nods. "Done." With a quick flash of her eyes, the unique vision and pheromone release are halted. "Let me guess, you would like to forget last night as well?" Dani lifts Jess and begins to leave the room. Jess still gasps for air. Dani calculates. "45 seconds."
Brian falls and walks into the room Jessica just exited and sees Shade. He charges at her with his arms wide.
I kept playing with the bolts, but I had a small fire glowing in my hand as well. Bright white. Combined they'd still only have blueish-white, but still a feat.
"No... I am done." I turn away from Umbra.
I didn't know how to help Jess now. Wait there was one thing.
"Umbra I have a proposition for you. More for after the serums effects wear off."
She narrows her eyes. "What kind of proposition?" Dani, while carrying Jess so she could be comfortable, finds herself unable to open the door. "Well, crap."

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