PanKoprulu Academy Part 23

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The nanites have found the source and are supplying oxygen to her through her skin til her throat is repaired.

It was still hard for me to breath despite the direct flow of artificial oxygen. I couldn't even move thanks to it.
Besides, the Protoss genetics reduce the need for air.
Well I didn't know that ok? Just roll with it for now...
The demon comes back and blasts the area around Shade and Cayl, sending them tumbling apart. He walks up to Cayl and throws him through the wall again.
SF, we're in a park a fair distance from the theatre.

IC: Recovering from the blow, I spin around and pepper the Demon with fireballs, debating on ice or Earth to imprison him til I can get some help.
The demon stops the fireballs in place and suffocates them. He walks towards Cayl again. When he gets close he takes my shotgun and places it against Cayl's head.
Wait...I thought we were in the theater or Shade was because she was thrown into a counter?


I tried to mutter a few words but I couldn't rasp my lips together to form the words, Finger was moist from the blood coming out of my head and I pressed harder against it. Seeing if that will stop the bleeding.
I chuckle. "Bad move." An earthen spike spears the shotgun, rendering it useless, then I head butt the demon, forcing it to release Zaros. "Zaros, you stubborn @ss. If you're so powerful, face me without this place holder!"
Danielle "Dynamite" Glitsrinn- commonly called Dani
6'6", blonde hair, Arctic blue eyes
Shadow's former second in command, demolitions specialist.
Has interacted with Thecommander.

I thought the girl talking to the Lieutenant was her. I meant the Lieutenant was going to go after her next.

Really? Is anyone in the basement? Surprisingly, those nothing for me to respond to after all those posts.
You're waiting on Kroger I believe.
The crimson dissipates for a second just to come back even brighter. "Place holder?" The demon yells. "I was just playing. But maybe I should kill you." He grabs Cayl and stabs him through the gut.
I was sitting in a pool of my own blood, I was bleeding out and I couldn't do anything about it since Cayl was just worried about the oxygen. "I'mm.....goi....kii.....ou....uys..." Talking was hard with a crushed throat and I still had butter seeping into my wound that had reopened earlier.
I kick the demon away, my nanites healing me on overdrive. "That's right, placeholder. He's afraid he'll lose." Four rock walls appear around the Demon, trapping it. "Come on Zaros, afraid I'll be better then you think?"
The demon blasts the rockwall. "He isn't calling upon me. He is fighting to keep you alive." As the demon says this a small shimmer is seen. The demon lunges.
I spin aside, ax kicking the demon into the ground. "Come on Zaros, hurry it up."
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You're waiting on Kroger I believe.

And Topsecret, and Draconus, and everyone in the basement of the Hotel...
I already explained overdrive forces them to self repair as well.
Deleting post then since overdrive sounds exactly dangerous but I guess I'm wrong because it's not really in overdrive...

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