Reckoning, The Sixth

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Continued from Part 5
Entity Seven detects an anomalous entry into what it now considers to be its domain.

Unidentified Entity: I have a message for you.

Query: Are you the so-called "demon" that affects Zaros?

Command: Exit the mind of my possession.
I finish mending the blood vessels in Ginei's shoulder.
"There now you shouldn't be loosing anymore blood. You might also start picking up some more zergish characteristics. Not like infestation though, just the more rapid regeneration and maybe changeling abilities. Also protoss genetics might take I am not sure but if so you will gain some more psionis abilities and when combined with the zerg genetics it will increase even more. Least that is what it did with me."

I let the tissue that would have been my hand remain over her wound and separate it from my wrist. I regenerate my hand replacing the lost tissue.

"Sorry if that grosses you out but it is the only way I can be sure the blood loss is stemmed."
She shrugs. "Used to it, by now. My tailgunner is part Hydra, and that smell when he forgets a shower is horrible. Don't know how it got in the cell block."
"Well I am just glad you are accepting it. Most people freak out pretty bad about it."
My color is returning faster now. I was feeling tired though. I must have used more energy than I had thought. I take a seat and think back to the message that Aeos played. I decide to confirm that it was real with Shadow.

Hey Shadow. Aeos played a message from Dani that was about three days old. Did she actually send it?
Yeah. I just didn't find it important, and thought you wouldn't have cared. Why bother telling a guy a girl's available when he won't be interested?
I sigh.
I didn't show I was interested because she had planed on bringing Marco back. The feelings I had for her hadn't stopped.
Marco had been dead too long when I went to bring him back. Poor bastard begged to die, because the decomposition process had started. Dani kinda moved on. She's depressed, and still likes you, but she's basically still the same Dani you parted ways with six months ago.

I feel a bit of joy inside with what he had told me but also a bit of sadness. I knew she had loved Marco more than anything.

So she still has those bad memory relapses?
Nope. First thing I made sure to do was fix the psychological issue. She's mourning, I'll admit, but in a less dangerous fashion. It took a bit of convincing, but she's on Byzantium, where she's being treated very well. It's a miniature civilization in which only women have rights. She enjoyed the reversal of old standards.
Ah so I should avoid visiting there in a male form if I go to see her. Thanks I'll keep that in mind. I reply sarcastically. I didn't even know where Byzantium was for that matter. I relax a bit and think about Dani.

OOC: Last post for tonight.
Heck, I can tell you want to hook up again. I'll send her a message tomorrow, okay?
Yeah it would be nice to see her again.

"Ok Ginei you should be alright now. I will go check on Shadow. If you need anything please just ask."
I walk back to the elevators and head back to where I had last seen Dirge, Shadow shouldn't be to far from there.
"Hmm........ We may have a problem. Did not know there was a powerful computer on board...."

The Hunter just moves quietly, peering in a room to see a man who just regrew his hand leave the room.

"Well, you can start hunting now. I think I'll have some fun of my own."

With the quiet sound indicating that the A.I. left his helmet, the hunter decided to bring out some bolas, throwing them at the people inside before retreating to another area of the ship.
I'm guessing you're talking about Flint Nait? And I'm guessing the bolas hit the people in the medical bay?
I would figure he was. Flint is one of few that can regenerate like that. Also the bolas I assume are targeting the people in the medical area.
The bolas wrapped around my body in a second and I was on the floor pushed off from it, it was squeezing me tight and I couldn't move my legs or arms. Raven was not as lucky, the bola wrapped around his neck and he couldn't spit anything out. He also got his arms and legs bound by them.

Looking at him I made a smart remark. " least you can't talk." Struggling against them I started to create a couple tendrils as they tried to cut the material...they couldn't. "Can't we just have some peace and quiet for even a minute?"
I stretch. "Never would be too soon for that to happen again."

Ginei waves. "Goodbye!"
I arrive on the floor where I had left Dirge. I see him Cayl and Shadow standing over the floor which was covered in sand.
"Well I see that you got free." i remark leaning against a wall.
"Ginai!? Didn't you notice these things fly across the room and grab us?" The material was starting to constrict harder and was starting to cut into my arms and legs, a drip of blood was starting to soak it. "Help now please?!"

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