Reckoning, The Sixth

Joeyray's Bar
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I sigh. "Not much of a selection..." I mutter to myself. I grab the lunch meat pack and a beer can and close the fridge. I set the lunch meat on the counter and look through the cabniets for bread and or chips. I walk carefully to make sure I don't fall again.
The cabinets are filled with ceramic plates in one, junk food in the other. Yet again, water, water everywhere.
I sigh in frustration with all the water everywhere. I leave the food on the counter and start to look for the leaking pipe.
The door clicks open. "What are you doing?"
"I was looking for something to eat and got tired of finding this water everywhere. I am going to fix that pipe and clean up this mess." I say with out looking at who it was. I continue to look for the leaking pipe.
Cara steps in. "That's intentional. You haven't gotten your skin in contact with it, have you?"
"Only when I slipped and fell. Why?"
She facepalms. "I booby-trapped everything with my saliva. It's meant to keep intruders from getting out, you're walking kinda drunkenly."
Let me know when the Excalibur can leave, Drac.
I'm personally waiting on Naits to have his Hunter leave. Once that happens, everyone starts leaving.
That works. Haven't really seen much of Naits this week though.
"Oh..." I try to walk and fall flat onto my back. The feeling of pleasure starts to fill my mind and my eyes roll back. I begin twitching on the floor uncontrollably.
Sorry, guys. Forgot to have the Hunter leave.

I'm not going to write out how he does, since it's late, so assume that he has.
{ All non-Poltergeist members, exit immediately. There will be a temporary field up, so you may warp away without being struck by meteors.}

Rhea nods. "Come on, Diethelm. Here's our shot."

Cara smirks and lifts Hawk.
Diethelm grabbed onto the Valkyrie and walked into it. "I never did like warp features, it felt weird."

Raven went back to the room where the Force's meeting room was. "Well I'm back..."

Shadow, am I technically a member? I just need to know before I know if I have to get off. I started to make my way towards the elevator to take me to the medical bay, I had to see Cynthia and Korzis. "I hope they're doing okay, I just hope Seven didn't get his hands on either of them."
You're under Poltergeist's official protection. You have your brother to thank for that. And Seven has departed, without any solid objects. The children are safe.

Rhea gets into the pilot's seat. "Quit your complaining."
I smile as I got in the elevator. Has be managed to attach anything to either one of them?" Pressing the button it started to take me to the medical bay as the elevator music ringed in.

Diethelm smiled. "Ha! Whatever, and we should do this at the right time." He buckled down and put on the breathing mask as was required.
I tap my foot waiting for the elevator to stop.

Korzis starts crying and whatever Seven implanted in him starts to fry thanks to the Demon jumping into him briefly.
Mostly tracking devices. He wants to keep track of all of Zaros's lineage.

The elevator grinds to a halt.
Tracking devices? Can we get someone to remove them so they will never have to worry about being hunted down by Seven? The elevator opened up.

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