Reckoning, The Sixth

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I stretch. "And I feel good. I'm curious, however, as to who tipped off Aeos that I would be gone. And to who killed my rear security procedures."
One of the bolas had one of its metal spheres open, revealing a set of red numbers. They began to start counting down, leaving a countdown of only ten minutes left.
I was scrambling to get them off but I didn't have the use of my hands. "Can someone help me!?"

Raven couldn't do anything as he was slowly passing out, the bola was cutting his airways off.
Alert. Security breach detected. Dispatching security drones.
I help the large man up then look at the spot. Most of the sand had been turned black from the tar. "Well, you're free, so I'm gonna go find the others." I head back down the hallway to find Daalis, Jared and Tobi.
"Sorry, but I'm going to have to deny you that privilege."

The drones stop. The intercom still buzzed with this new A.I.'s voice.

"Your move, bro. Been awhile since I've done something like this against intelligent A.I."

The Hunter slivers in the medical room again, tying both his captives with some cables. He releases the bola around Raven's neck, but quickly covers your mouths with cloth. He swiftly places black cubes around the room before retreating back to his hiding spot.
Ginei smiles beneath the cloth, as it melts from contact with her saliva. "Acidic salivary glands?" She spits at her captor. "And we're only getting started." The medical technician returns, and hits a button on the wall- "FOR EMERGENCY CLEARING". A Bleeding Death, the latest in disposable security, is let free.

Poltergeist File
Bleeding Death
While this predator may look to be in pain, don't be fooled- direct combat is impossible. Using studies on Dirge and Zaros's infamous Demon, these indestructible, unstoppable vessels of destruction are only limited by their slow bleeding. Once their blood runs out, they die, but they replenish themselves through combat.
So you kill it by not fighting it? You just run like the coward you are?
Either that or stall it with things that don't bleed long enough.
The acid was melting away his metal chest-plate. It almost reached through it, but the properties of the armor kicked in. The hole filled, leaving no trace of any damage.

He leans over, speaking in a deep voice.

"Getting only started? I like the sound of that."

He then places a metal disk on her chest. It reacted, latching on.

"So, tell me, ever been to a hunt before? By the looks of you, I guess not. My apologizes if I make a wrong estimation of your skills."

He goes then removes the cloths around the other captives' moves, tossing the remaining cloth away.

"No point of having a decent conversation with those without a voice. Anyways, can you take a guess what my plan is here?"
I looked at him. "Something that involves us, Shadow, the base, or I know...Everyone..." I looked at Raven. "And maybe you should remove that around his throat?"

Raven still had the bola thing wrapped around his throat.
"My apologize."

He removes the bola, then looks back at you.

"Obviously. But look around you. You must learn how a hunter thinks, or you'll never survive. I not just doing this for the "Thrill of the Kill."
Finding the others,we head back to where I left the big guy and Shadow. "So, what is it that AI is going off about?"
Sighing I spoke once again. "Look man...thing whatever you are. I lost track of the number of reasons why people have tracked us down and tried to kill us because of contacts or because they are trying to search for one of us."

Raven butted in. "And one of them was really stupid as well...I was being hunted down just because I am a split personality..."
Cayl has a weird feeling that Raven is denying siblingness again and radios him. {When are you going to accept you're siblings now?}

OOC: Too easy XD
Cayl...I'm technically still a split personality and I'm just telling the truth about some true story that happened to me.
{Well, come to terms with it.} I turn back to Shadow. "Now, the AI?"
"...Is Zaros, Arianna, Brian (Who is probably going to leave in his Wraith as soon as he gets his equipment), and Keira still wandering about?"
Yes Zaros.

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