Reckoning, The Sixth

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It might be painful. I wouldn't recommend it, at least for a while.

The elevator opens, and Shade finds herself looking at Zaros, Flint, and Leech, as a large girl pushes past.
"Hey, Shade." I say as I see her. "I don't recommend going to the mechanical bay while I'm still on the elevator."
I saw the three of them and went past the large one. Shadow, I guess that makes sense. For if we do it now then something bad could happen. Thanks for the talk. "What's going on in here?" As I approached the three of them. "Zaros what do you mean I shouldn't if you are in the elevator?"

Diethelm then buckled in. "Rhea, when will the the place be ready for warp?"

Raven sat down at the Force's table. "Hello?"
Rhea shrugs. "He's waiting for the larger ships. Y'know, the Excalibur, the Titan, and the Napoleon."

Especially considering the Napoleon is still docked.
"A woman from there tried to r@pe me by killing off my braincells and the only reason it didn't happen is because of the Demon so I could end up murdering everyone if I go back down there." I reply.
Diethelm nods. "Okay then...well time to get comfortable and let the waiting game commence."

I was looking back around. "Okay, I can tell that you are angry with this, just like what happened to me and you but don't let it get to you; still I can understand why they tried to do it."
Leech waves. "Hi! Thanks for the food!" Shade and Zaros begin feeling their strength sap away with every word they say.

Rhea begins idly messing with some clay.
I was about to exit the elevator when the doors close. "...Damn it. And what the f*ck are you going," I start yawning, "on about?"
I started to feel weaker. "What are you doing to us?" I was staying calm, I remembered how it turned out when I got angry and I started to spout angry words. Turning back to Zaros I continued. "I feel sorry that they act like animals from being in a female only environment, I'm actually surprised that none turned into lesbians to tell you the truth."

Diethelm started to rest his eyes as he took the mask back off.
Leech smiles. "I feed off of people's energy, released bit by bit when they talk. Flint here regenerates fast enough that he's unaffected."

Rhea whacks him. "Stay awake. We might have to leave at any second."
Diethelm then woke up. "I wasn't sleeping, I was just resting my eyes." He sat back up. "I'm just so bored right now."

I looked at Leech. "Wait, I'm part Protoss so I don't get as tired. And what are you talking about by regeneration? What does that have to do with anything..."
"I know." I answer still yawning. "Well I guess I'll shut up now."
Leech frowns. "No, keep going. I haven't had a meal in months." She shrugs. "Changeling-ness lets him stay awake."

Rhea frowns. "Want some clay?"
I shook my head and quit talking. Zaros stay quiet and lets leave. I'll grab the children.

Diethelm took some of the clay and started to toy around with it. "What are you making?"
The elevator has to stop at the medical bay first.
She melds around the wall, and becomes a bench. "No, I insist. Keep talking. So you fall asleep. Nobody here bears you any ill will."
Zaros what do we do? I sighed and sat down...Not even grabbing Cynthia or Korzis.
Get the hell out of this elevator. And I have an idea to do so. I yawn and start gathering some energy in my palms.
Even in bench form, it's easy to tell Leech is ticked. "I SAID keep talking."

Rhea shows off her sculpture, a perfect replica of Diethelm.
Diethelm was looking at it. "Interesting...that is some creativity you have there."

I started to talk. "Zaros, something will happen to us either way, it can't be any worse than the two times it happened to us." He knew I was talking about the children.

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