Reckoning, The Sixth

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Rhea smiles. "Thanks. It's a little easy to get bored when Poltergeist stuff is built to last."

Leech smiles. "Thanks. You have no idea how hungry you get when everyone's scared of you."
"We're going to fall asleep. Not have that happen again." I respond. "Flint, if you don't cover me while I'm sleeping I will have to beat the sh!t out of you."
"It's not your fault that you have to do this to feed yourself. It must be tragic for you to have to live like this."
She frowns. "Yeah. I've been hiding in here to trap people in conversation. I was practically about to die, until Flint here started talking to me. I kinda . . . owe him now. I'm his aide!"
I was finally starting to be affected from the energy drain. "Ye..s, but maybe we could be friends and we ...o" I was yawning really heavy. "I thi...I should go grab my though. They need me at the moment and I really don't want them to cry..." Yawned again.
"Do you want me to?" I ask, my eye lids were getting heavy.
Leech de-melds. "Just tell me their names. I'll get them. It's the least I could do."
"Cynthi..a...and Korzis." I was yawning even more and I was starting to drift asleep.
"Yep. Cynthia's a girl, and Korzis is a boy." I start to nod off.
Leech stands. "Okay. I'll pick up Cynthia and Korzis from the . . . medical bay? Newborns? Hm. Babies don't exactly like me." She conceals her face even further behind her hood.
"Why not?" I fall to the ground face first and start snoring.
I roll on top of Zaros asleep as well.

Cynthia was giggling as she saw us sleeping funny.
She hides her face further. "I dunno. Maybe the same reason most people don't like me." She tries ever harder to conceal her entire face with the hood of the robe.
(The hood has kept her eyes concealed the whole time.)
She walks forward, and picks up Cynthia and Korzis. "Come with me, young ones." Umbra follows. "This kid isn't leaving my sight."
Korzis was still crying and waving his arms around randomly.

Arianna heads back to where she was supposed to sleep and lies down. "I can't believe I killed him..."

Keira walks out of the mechanical bay. "They're insane."
Wait! For greater plot-awesomeness, Korzis is not to be found.
You could have said this already before you know Knarled?
Umbra takes Cynthia back, and leaves Leech to struggle with Korzis. "Hush, please, young one. We shall see your parents shortly." Umbra decides to toss off Leech's hood, displaying the entirety of her face. Her face is rounded, and rather plain. Except her eyes. One eye is blue-white, with jagged lines crisscrossing it, like ice. The other is reddish, with bands of yellow and orange, resembling a roaring fire. Leech quickly throws her hood back on with one hand. "Stop it, please. You know I don't like my eyes."
"And the mind control thing was fried."
I must have missed all this happening, because I wasn't aware of all this.

Also, I like to not reveal my evil plans until they are near fruition, because people tend to foil them (big mistake saying I chipped Korzis).
....Recap please?

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