Reckoning, The Sixth

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Excalibur can now depart from the station.


I start to convulse more violently as Cara moves me.

"Don't worry Zaros I'll keep you safe. Least we aren't on the mechanical bay floor anymore."

IC: I give the order and Excalibur disengages from the dock. {Shadow, this is Cayl, permission to warp speed?} We were still kinda close to the asteroid, and I didn't want to kill anyone.
Patience, young one. We still await the departure of the Titan and Napoleon.

Cara sets Hawk on the couch and idly fiddles with her TV remote, one of the few things in the room not covered in her saliva.

Leech returns, with Korzis, Umbra, and Cynthia. Umbra tosses off Leech's hood again. "Stop that! I know my eyes are hideous, but you don't have to scare the infants!" She pulls her hood back up, hiding her eyes again.
"I see you haven't changed much Umbra." I take note as she messes with Leech.

I stop convulsing after a few minutes but remain unconscious.
Korzis calmed down for a few seconds his deep blue eyes resting on Shade and I. He giggles a tiny bit before starting to cry again.
Umbra shrugs. "The girl makes it too easy. She hates the look of her own eyes. It's why she's here."

Cara idly flips through channels. "Ugh, who still watches MARINES?"
I glance at Umbra. "Everyone has something that they don't like about themselves even you."
I didn't get a good look at Leech's eyes so I couldn't really give much say on the matter of how they looked.

"Huh what...." I start regaining consciousness again. "What happened? Did we... well you know what again?"
Umbra smiles and knocks Leech's hood back off, exposing her eyes once more. Leech quickly throws her hands over her eyes. "I got teased enough on New Plymouth, they almost burned me alive. Don't show Flint! I want SOMEONE to like me!"

Cara chuckles. "Why would I do you in your sleep?"
I look at Leech. "Do you really think how your eyes look is really going to affect my opinion of you?"

"One cause I am still here. Two I am still just as good." I wink at Cara and sit up on the couch. "Oh I remember now. Yeash you that paranoid about people coming into your apartment?"
She looks sheepish. "It was one of the charges brought against me. Two-colored eyes are a sign of evil, they said. It was only thanks to Shadow I wasn't put to burn, and only if I kept up a fast at Lent, and whipped myself at the sins of others."

New Plymouth was an attempt to bring back Catholicism. She was almost killed for having 'devil dealings'- her mutation. Make sure you don't tell her that Zaros and Shade aren't married, or she'll whip herself twice a day till they do.

Cara shrugs. "A little paranoia never hurts."
Right I'll keep that in mind. I never understood that part of Earths religions. Punishing oneself for anothers wrongs makes no sense to me.

"So having two colors in one eye or both eyes different colors?" I ask curiously.

"True, I guess that is how I lived as long as I have working special forces for the Dominion a few years back." I stand up and stretch. I was feeling stiff from passing out and hitting the ground each time I did so.
She looks up. "See for yourself." One eye is blue-white, the other a startling blend of red, yellow, and orange. She quickly turns away. "I'm ugly, I knew it!"

Cara smirks. "Why in hell is MARINES still on the air? Nobody cares what Marines do!"
"No Leech your different. Besides your eyes don't look that bad. I mean look at me I am human with protoss tendrils that I cannot always hide. One of my eyes is golden and the other is green. I am slowly going bald while having the skin on my scalp replaced with protoss scales. Every couple of years or so it progresses more." I morph quickly to a form of myself before the tendrils.
"See this is what I used to look like." My frame was stockier but not with fat, my hair was deep brown, both of my eyes were green, and my skin still looked human.

"I dunno but I agree. The marines they show ain't nothing like the people I was with. The ones on that damned show are to stupid to do what I did and survive. They give real marines a bad name." I stretch a bit more before sitting back down next to Cara.

"So now what?"
She sniffs. "But you weren't born like this! I was born this way, an evil presence! New Plymouth leaders wanted me burned alive. They said . . . They said that I would be closer to where I deserved to go. To the endless torment of Hell." She cries. "I didn't ask for this. But willing to repent my sin, what it was I have no idea." She stops, and reaches into a pocket on her robe, pulling out a cat o' nine tails. "I should be aware of my sins." She pulls up the back of her robe diligently.

Cara snorts. "They never show a single loss, either. Always victories against the Tal'Darim, or the Raiders, or the Zerg." She shrugs. "We have access to old Earth movies."
I start to wake up and become aware of my surroundings. "I feel so tired." I yawn but stay awake.

Korzis stops crying and looks at me. He starts blinking.
"No I wasn't born the way I am I was forced into it. I still get weird looks from people and have been run off of a few planets. A few people have tried burning me as well. I don't see how you have sinned for being born with a genetic change that you had no choice over."
I see the cat o' nine tails and realize what she was going to do. I bite my lip not knowing whether or not to stop here from whipping herself.

"I know! That isn't how it really is and any marine that ain't been resoc'ed can tell you that. Anyway I guess a movie would be ok. You have anything to eat 'round here?"
Her back is already a road map of scars, and there are a few cuts that are still open. As she shifts, she drops a small container of salt from another pocket. "Clumsy. Another four." She mumbles. The first strike rakes her back, and she bites back tears. Umbra watches, intrigued.

Cara smiles. "I usually wait for the ration delivery. It's late today."
She has to do this doesn't she Shadow?

"Well I hope they show up soon, I'm rather famished."
She believes she does. I'm trying to undo the damage they did to her. I've restored a bit of her self-confidence, but she truly believes that she deserves every bit of punishment. They legally stripped her of her name, you know. They told her she was such scum she wasn't deserving of a name of her own, instead calling her a parasite- leech.

The whip cracks again, and Umbra deviously smiles and pulls out a pocket Bible.

Cara nods. "They should be by soon."
I watch the woman whipping herself. "Why the hell are you doing that?"

Korzis starts wailing again.

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