Reckoning, The Sixth

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She is punishing herself for the sins of others. Don't tell her you and Shade aren't married or she will inflict more injury to herself.

"Umbra don't even think about it." I say taking note of the pocket bible she pulled out.

"Good. So what movie do you want to watch?"
Oh. But wouldn't the lack of wedding rings tell her that? I sit up and place my back against the wall.
She is on the pages displaying the Seven Deadly Sins and the Ten Commandments. "God, you're a pest. Why would you think I would do something?" Leech bites her tongue. "His name in vain . . ."

Cara flips through her selection. "I mostly watch Marvel stuff."
Not everyone married can afford rings. I doubt you and Shade could either.

"Because Umbra I've know you for a little over a year now and I know that you are always up to something. It normally involves tormenting people." I telekinetically pull the bible towards me out of Umbra's hands.

"Those sound good." I relax on the couch.
Umbra smiles- she had read all she needed to. "I wish I had your determination, Flint." Leech continues striking herself. "Envy . . . this place needs much cleansing."

Cara smiles. "Ah! The Hulk."
I glare at Umbra and say no more to here.
"Leech you shouldn't punish yourself for what other do. I know that is not what you were taught but it doesn't do you or those who you are taking the pain for any good."

"Haven't seen it before. Sounds decent." I say as I lean forward.
Leech shakes her head and continues punishing herself.

She's been convinced she must continue, as New Plymouth reiterated a thought that she was hideous and evil. She wasn't deserving of this, and it was enforced only to silence her father's opinions. If he were to speak out, they'd burn her at the stake on a rainy day and force him to watch. Needless to say, he hasn't spoken ill of them for twentysomething years now.

Cara pops the disc in, and various ration bags are forced through the mail slot.
Raven was spinning more spines in the air while waiting for the Forces person to talk once more. "It's...very quiet in here for some odd reason."

I woke back up and saw Leech whipping herself. "What's going on!?"
lol, this RP looks... interesting
"She is punishing herself for the sins of others."

I shake my head as she continues to punish herself.

I hear the mail slot click. "I guess they just arrived."
This place in which we live is twisted and hateful. I am mollified by how they killed every bit of self-confidence this girl could have developed. She feels unlovable, finds her own appearance hideous, and her own actions evil and unforgivable. Faith is hard to break.

Cara nods. "Go pick it up, I'm the one here who knows how to work this thing."
I let out a sigh.
That is to true Shadow. There are times when I just wish there was peace but I know it will never happen.

I get up from the couch and grab the ration packs from the mail slot. I look over them as I walk back to the couch
Leech collapses, but retains consciousness. Her arm reaches for the small tin of salt. "My only ticket to Heaven is a life of Purgatory . . ."

Cara looks over. "Anything good? I think that green package is pasta of some sort. What's the label on the blue one say?"
I shake my head. This wasn't right but I couldn't convince her of that. I let off one more loud sigh.

"Looks like some kind of seafood." I say handing them to her so she could pick first.
Leech begins to cry- the small container rolled out of reach. She looks about, but keeps reaching for what she believes will be the only way to get the better life.

Cara wrinkles her nose. "Then you can have that one, far as I'm concerned. Oh, a yellow one. Hamburger! SCORE!" She reaches for the yellow container, and pries it open. Within is enough ground beef for one hamburger patty, a slice of cheese, and two pieces of bread.
I telekinetically grab the container. "Don't blame yourself for others sins. Don't make yourself believe your evil. You're not."
"Zaros is right Leech. Your not evil."

"What you don't like....." I look at the label for the blue package again. "Shrimp pasta with herb butter. Doesn't sound to bad." I open the package and prepare the meal.
Leech looks over. "Then- then why did everyone tell me I was back home? Thou shalt not tell lies! They- they wouldn't LIE to me!" She glares. "But you might."

Cara snorts. "Can't eat seafood. Gums up the works."
"For what reason would I lie to you Leech. The people back home were afraid of your mutation."

"To bad for you. Seafood is really good when its done right."
She shrugs, and tries to crawl, falling on her face. "Back home, I was always told that people would lie for stupid reasons. But no one on New Plymouth was allowed to, without severe punishment."

Cara glares at him, almost forgetting to flip the burger patty. "Don't remind me."

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