Reckoning, The Sixth

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"Everyone lies, it doesn't matter who. I would lie to protect people I care for with out hesitation unless they did something terribly wrong."

I finish preparing the pasta and shrimp and return back to the couch. I eat my pasta in silence.
Leech looks up at Flint in admiration. "Your purposes are noble, even if your methods are sinful." She looks slightly bitter. "Why a wretch like myself is accepted by the likes of you, I do not understand."

Cara smiles throughout the movie, especially at the violent portions.
"Because you are not a wretch. You are a misunderstood human."

I remain quiet through the movie. It was quite interesting.
She cries. "Then everyone at home . . . lied to me? Kicked dirt in my face, set my garden on fire, destroyed everything I owned . . . for what? That's not misunderstood. That's tortured, and I let them continue, because they told me I was a demon, to be denied life's beauty." She curls into a ball and sobs. "But I am hideous. They wouldn't dare do this if I wasn't." She pulls her hood further over her face as she cries.

Cara leans over. "Whaddaya think? Can I spend my points right or what?"
"You are not hideous. Your eyes are just only part of who you are and do not make up the entirety of your looks." I crouch down beside her. "Besides I think your eyes are interesting. They are different from other and are nothing to be ashamed of."

I nod in agreement and swallow down the food in my mouth. "You sure do."
She regards Flint with a hopeful expression, in spite of her bitter words. "Interesting. The same word scientists use to describe a plant that glows in moonlight."

Cara grins. "The DVD player cost 15 points, the movie 2. Considering my wage is 30 per day, I'd say it was my best purchase."
"Probably a poor choice of wording but that is still my thoughts."
She reaches over, but the elevator shudders, dropping some sort of powder on everyone. Leech writhes. "Whyyyyy?!"
"What in Terra is this?!?!" I start to dust myself off.
As Leech writhes, a note flutters to the ground.
Take this, freaky b*tch.
Her twists slow as she begins to cough.
Korzis starts crying even louder as the powder touches his eyes.

"F*ck this." My eyes glow louder and a small barrier goes above Korzis and Cynthia. He fire a small orb at the roof. "Stop that!"
I create a barrier around Leech to prevent any further contact with the powder. I telekinetically remove the powder from her body placing outside of the barrier.
"Leech what is this crap?" I gesture to the powder.
She twists slowly, and turns the paper around.


She coughs and struggles, some of the powder having dissolved in her bloodstream.

Umbra puts up a psionic shield. "There were some things missing in the med-lab last month. Who wants to bet this is part of what was stolen?"
"Umbra what in blazes is this powder?"
Umbra looks up. "Wasn't manually done. Wire trap. The flow won't stop for a good while."
Another piece of paper floats to the ground.
She shrugs. "Some sort of powdered disease. Enough were stolen that ID will take a while. Too long for the Catholic schoolgirl over there."
"Okay. I'm opening the f*cking door." I blast several large orbs of energy at the closed doors to destroy them for an opening to be made.
I curse loudly and keep the barrier up around Leech. I put one over myself just to make sure that I don't fall ill.
"No Zaros focus your energy into forcing the powder back into the hold above us. From there we can both hold it in place instead of leaving ourselves exposed. Also we don't want to risk exposing anyone else to this."
"Trust me, if too much gets into me the most that will happen is me puking it all out." I answer as I blast again.
A third piece of paper filters out.
Leech coughs, bringing up blood.
Umbra scowls. "See ya." She pulls out a key, presses a button, and vanishes.

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