Reckoning, The Sixth

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I take Leech's arm and make a small cut. I start placing my blood into her body to help fight off the infection as long as her body didn't reject it.
Her body goes into shock. Medical techs swarm above, and evacuate the elevator, Cynthia first, followed by Korzis. A hand reaches down.

I have sent a crew over. Just remain calm.
Thank you.

I lift Leech out to the out stretched hand to get her out of the elevator next.
Seven watches the episode with Leech carefully, interested. Well, the Seven core program was, per his standard lie, actually being relayed the data by the extension program left behind.
As Leech goes up, her mouth vanishes. An amused voice filters down. "Thanks for handing the b*tch over. She was a real pain. The kids are fine." With that, the person speaking flees with Leech in tow.
I growl in anger as I leap up to the door and pursue the person who ran off with Leech.

Shadow why does your crew have it out for some people?
Leech is unpopular. Basically the runt around here- everyone pushes her around. It's because she performed so well she got a promotion day 1. Not only that, she got Natalie, Dirge, and Jack Bug demoted, because it was their fault the emergency happened.
Well I figured she was unpopular but not this unpopular.

I see Leech's body on somebodies shoulder being carried. I place a barrier in front to stop them.
The woman performs a vertical leap into the vent, and Flint finds himself unable to bend his knees- almost like his legs are one solid piece.
I curse as I morph to regain the use of my knees and follow the woman into the vent. I keep placing barriers through out the vents to halt her progress.
She drops down into a familiar section of hallway. "I have what I want. Go nuts." An army of footsteps echoes.-
I drop into the hallway and quickly recognize it. "Great here we go again..."
I place a barrier around me to keep them at bay while I press forward towards the person that has Leech.
Flint finds he has no legs. One girl looks at the one with Leech. "Thanks, Nat." The cloud of girls surrounds Flint as Natalie walks away.
I scowl at Natalie and create several barriers to inhibit her from leaving.
"Need I bring up the matter that I can regenerate my limbs?" I ask as my legs restore themselves. I create a pulse to push the large group of women keeping my barriers in place.
Natalie eyes him innocently. "I can edit out your brain next time, but that would bore the girls."
"And I can edit my own body at will to bore them even more. Just hand Leech over and I'll leave you be." I walk towards Natalie.
Natalie smiles, editing out his constituent gland, leaving him bone-tired. "This girl needs to pay. I can mess with her in a way that guarantees she won't demote me again."
"From what Shadow told me it was your own fault that it happened. You, Dirge, and Jack Bug to be correct. How is it that it is her fault for your own mistake." I create a ball of energy to produce light. It feeds me the energy I need to remain standing.
She scowls and stops walking. "I was asleep. I lost two ranks for sleeping instead of sounding the alarm on a breach." She twitches, and Leech stirs. "I just restored her immune system. I need her alive for what I'm doing to her." She twitches again. "That removed her motor neurons. She can't control her body." She twitches a third time, and Flint is bound with ice. Natalie walks off, toward her own quarters.
Natalie finds herself launched to the ceiling rather quickly causing her to drop Leech. She hits the ceiling with enough force that it would break bones of normal people. I use the ball of energy to break the ice depleting it leaving me with out a source for energy. I quickly grab Leech fighting back the urge to rest and make my way out of the mechanical bay leaving Natalie on the ceiling.

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