Reckoning, The Sixth

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"Seven is going all defense mode. Just for kicks, apparently." I scowl. "But hey, wouldn't be me without at least six attempts on my life each day, right?"

Ginei watches the self-repairing armor do its thing. She reaches into her pocket. "Well, judging by how good a predator you are- not a hunter, because no self respecting hunter would just tie up an injured animal- we'll be here awhile." She fishes out an old PSP.
The Hunter simply shakes his head in disappointment.

"I do see where others have failed, now........ You're all going to have a difficult time in the future......"
Ginei looks up. "And why is that?"

The Bleeding Death saunters into the room, and leaps at the Hunter.
Raven was mixing a bio bomb together and a few extra spines and a tad more acid in it.

I was watching the whole thing. " how are you doing you two?"

Raven just gave a grunt of a sense that he's doing fine.
Entity Seven studies this alien AI with something like delight. Its routines! Extremely advanced. It had no problem whatsoever defeating Shadow's primitive security protocols; some better ones would have to be added eventually. Of course, the program did not seem truly sentient, but it possessed a semblance of such that no Terran would ever be able to penetrate. Its randomizer routine gave it the ability to come up with new ideas, to surprise enemies.

It also was a massive window for letting in program bugs.

Of course, simply mustering the Entity Seven computer network and driving it out wouldn't be TOO hard, but Seven desperately wanted to assimilate this program. To do that, it would need to test its capabilities, see how it reacted to stimuli. Entity Seven tinkered around with some internal processes, crafted a very neat bug, then injected it into the other program's randomizer.

Good. Now it should randomize so fast it would fill itself with errors. Then Seven would have to move fast, grabbing the code he wanted before the program escaped or imploded.
The Poltergeist network had been disabled- just so you know.
Its rotating code design, interlaced with the occasional reroute packet that leads to a virus, would be sufficient to harmlessly deflect weaker AI or severely damage stronger ones long before anything came within its grasp.
"So, all of my characters are wandering about, or just Zaros? And if just Zaros, where would the others be?"
I am not sure SF I would have to go back and look.

Yeah it looks like Zaros is the only one wandering about.
"I'm just going to go on the premise of what I last posted."

Keira quickly found her Firebat suit and gets into it.

Arianna looked around the medical bay.

Brian had just found the kitchen and started to make all the food he could.

I was heading back to Level B.
That works. The hunter, Shade, Raven, and a few others are in the medical bay.
The Hunter suddenly moves up, looking up in the direction of the hallway.

"What is it, little bug?"

The A.I. from earlier spoke up, emitting from the Hunter's helmet.

"It's seems that the opposing A.I. is very smart. Fortunately, I had prepared myself for this and and put some little nets to catch any viruses. It figured out my randomization software, but it luckily didn't get passed that."

"Good. I told you before that sticking your hand in a predator's nest is risky, but yet rewarding."

"Yes, yes. I didn't stick my "hand" inside the ship's software, so no rewards."
I feel the urge to point out that we aren't on a ship.
I feel the urge to point out that Naitsrich's storyline has been usurped...


With the enemy AI responding to its attacks, Entity Seven continues to put pressure on; a stream of illogic, viruses, and security measures.
OOC: Sorry if I didn't know if we weren't on a ship. It's just that I didn't want to read two whole threads just to know where we are. ._.
You guys should tell me when I'm misinformed so that I don't like an idiot.....


"Fantastic. It's trying to overwhelm me. That's a shame, I have to disconnect from the ship..."

There was a moment where the A.I. was silent before speaking again.

"Shame. I was right about to look over some-"

"Yes, I know. You were about to look at some files to satisfy your perverted programming."

"What!?!? I would do none of that sort!"

"You hacked into a city network just to have control over one security camera to see that one computer."

"C'mon, man! You had to admit, she had some fine circuits!"
The bio bomb was almost done and Raven rolled onto his side. I then spoke up. "So...what's the point in this and what are you having planned with us? Ransom? The hunt? What?"
I think for a moment. "I'm gonna go check on some of the others who are here. Tobi, Jared and Daalis will be with me. Radio if you need back up." I head out, leading the group into the main hall leading to the elevator, then up to the medbay floor. Little did we know what was coming.
The Hunter stops and thinks for a moment.

"No reason in particular. I simply did this because I required some entertainment, and I need to hunt one of you anyways......"

He stops for a second before looking back at you.

"The leader here, specifically."
We could hear the conversation and draw our weapons before rounding the corner and facing the strange creature. It almost seemed like a Hydralisk. I had a fireball in my hands, aimed right for it's head. "Let my friends go."
I sighed and Raven had just now started to regurgitate the bio bomb. " aren't going to win and so far no harm has come to us besides him wanted to hunt Shadow."
"Shadow's a little busy right now. Now let them go." I put the fireball near his...tail, and ignite another one, my halberd in my other hand. "Now."

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