Reckoning, The Sixth

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The Hunter flings his tail around, putting out the fire. He points towards his hostages.

"You see those bombs? They could be highly explosive, or maybe just a ruse. Taking a rough estimation, if you were to fight me, you wouldn't have the time to save them. If you don't fight me, I'll be able to get a head-start, possibly causing harm to everyone here."

He pulls out his own halberd, the axes on it larger and thicker and the point on the end much more uniformly jagged.

"So, are you going to fight me? Or will you save your friends?"

There was a slight humming sound as the cubes he placed earlier surrounded the new arrival, creating an energy cage.

He slithers up, his helmet shining the light emitting from your new cage.

"And that's how you bait sympathetic prey."

The bombs on the bolas disarm, letting out a puff of air.

"The bombs were fake, so you know."

He slithers out the door, but turns around.

"Your restraints should come off soon. I don't want this to be an easy way to "Shadow."

He leaves, leaving you all in slightly weakened restraints.
Ummm....We were never in the room.

IC: I whirl around and a bolt of lightening at the Hunter, knocking him into a wall and allowing Tobi to tackle him through it. He smirks as he stands up and backs away a bit, Argost in his hands. "I thought your weapons looked familiar. Let's have us a talk, hunter to hunter."

OOC: Note I never said it hit him, just that it forced him to go to the wall, say the explosion.
OOC: Then I really need to pay more attention to detail.......
IC: He looks back you, moving away from the wall.

"Hmmm, I suppose I have time for this."

He swings his halberd around, sticking the end of it into the ground.

"Where did someone like you learn to shoot fireballs? I have only seen it in the rarest of psionics."
Brian runs back to his Wraith. Arianna was looking around in the medical bay. I was heading to the armory. Keira was modifying her Firebat suit.
Initiating security protocols.

Entity Seven was very disappointed at the disappearance of the other AI. It had really, really wanted to learn more about it. But as long as it was gone at least Seven could do what the deal demanded it did.

Several security drones converge on the Hunter's position.
"I'm no psionic. I am a Rios, descended of the elemental users of old. Just the problem lies in the fact that this blasted place is lacking in the element of earth." I had more lightening charging on my finger tips. "Never confuse me for a psionic again."
I stretch, then smile. "Finally back to full strength." I twitch, and frown. "You must be kidding. There is no possible way." I warp myself behind the Hunter, then pin him psionically. "You. Why are you here? Can you not see that this place has already been set behind over a month?" I decide to alter reality a little, slowly replacing the outer layers of the Hunter's skin with ignited napalm. "Speak."
The Hunter turns around to look at you, somehow shedding the napalm skin off.

"Hmmm, this is most interesting. I haven't met people like all of you for awhile........"

He growls a bit as he smells the new scents.

"But not one as confident in their abilities."

If he could smirk, he would doing so right now.

"Pathetic. I have met people with far more honor in their hearts."
I scowl. "Listen. You are aboard my station, and as such surrender all rights to me. Here, my word is more than law- it is divine f*cking action. So, I suggest you either leave or do as I say."
I pulse the lightening out rather then shoot out a bolt this time, shutting down the cubes and destroying the cage. Tobi lunged forward, elbowing the Hunter in the face. "F*ck you, @sshole."
While Shadow argues with the Hunter, Entity Seven realizes the time has come.

No more subservience.
The Hunter's A.I. companion speaks up in annoyance.

"Hey, hey! Watch it, I live in his helmet you know!"

The Hunter growls a bit at Tobi's actions.

"Anyways, please make him angry. He'll put this place behind by years if you do..... And give him a unappealing attitude."
Tobi simply glares at the Hunter. "You disgrace those of the true hunt."
"Disgrace, I am not. The hunt is only for those who do it for a reason, not simply because they can."

He looks at Tobi for awhile, as if he was trying to see behind him.

"I wonder what you taste like. Expea Cow, perhaps?"
Argost is in Tobi's hands faster the Hunter can follow and at his throat. "I kill abominations like you everyday. Whether Demon, Vampire, Werewolf, or some other twisted fiend, I kill them. Do not presume to mock me." The air shimmered around his back, like his wings wanted to appear, but Tobi was still tired from his bout with Aeos. I had since charge more lightening, and was ready to use it.

"You'd be wise not to insult a Helsing, they're prone to reduce people to primordial soup when angered enough."
"Please redefine your definition of "abomination" with a different view point. Other species might call you the same thing."

He gently moves Tobi aside.

"So I'm guessing you want to fight me, then? You did take a hostile against me."
Brian jumps in his Wraith and boots it up.
Tobi shakes his head. "You'd be a waste of my energy." I shrug.

"Not sure scum is worth my time. I got Zerg and Dominion trying to attack us back home."
I can't help but watch this turn of events. "Explain your presence. I'm angry, but not unreasonable. Give me notice of why you came."
"For a warning. Sorry for the hostile introduction, it was the only way that I could warn you without being watched."

He puts his halberd away, crossing his arms.

"Zero knows your location and is on your way. My fellow hunters have aligned with him for the opportunity to hunt you all."

The A.I. companion spoke as well.

"There's also a Protoss ship that's been following you. I do not know why it is, but is not friendly."

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