My map-making retirement with feedback

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most of these seem like they're caused by your inability to become a better player.

good riddance.

You realize he's the guy that made Cloud Kingdom and Testbug, right?

And cloud kingdom is a horrible map. If terran or protoss ever get a hold of middle ground, then then you lose the game, and 2 base immortal sentry all in is nearly impossible to hold, because you cann't even touch him before all sentry energy is gone, thx to the chokes.
What a cry baby....

wahhh wahhh the buildings are too big for me to handle.

lol no one cares, move along.
If all you miserable esports !@#$s all retired and disappeared forever, that with Blizzard no longer in the yoke of this retarded esports fever, you would improve this game so colossally that it would be unrecognizeable.

Good on you. Stay away for a long time.
If all the miserable esports !@#$s all retired and disappeared forever, then with Blizzard no longer in the yoke of this retarded esports fever, they would improve this game so colossally that it would be unrecognizeable.
interesting read. very valid points, geez blizz should hire you.

sorry to see you go buddy. best luck in whatever you do, i enjoyed your maps =)
What a cry baby....

wahhh wahhh the buildings are too big for me to handle.

lol no one cares, move along.

I know you didn't just read the title and respond to just that, since the title doesn't match what you're saying. What I don't know, is how you still manage to come up with a response like this.
Cloud Kingdom is basically my all time favorite SC2 map, so thank you so much for that.

I agree with just about everything you have to say too, I still love SC2 but it's really frustrating that Blizzard won't ever even try some great changes that people have in mind, that all the pros think would make the game better. People are saying this isn't Brood War, but it's still the sequel to BW, and if there were some things that BW did better than SC2 then Blizzard should try to implement them, it's not like they have to bring back old units, just some of the basic changes that you listed.

I don't know why you posted this is the B-net forums though, just asking to be flamed =/
Sorry to hear that. I do agree with many of your points however i'm not about to give up on the game yet. I'm just getting started.

Thank you for your contribution to SC! Cloud Kingdom is my Favorite map!
Good ridance these haters.If you dont like CK,lump off or stop posting.Choose.
I completely agree with all the points made in the OP. I still enjoy the game enough to play, however, and I hope that Blizzard will seriously look at this post as solving these problems would make this game legendary.
Sad to see you go SUPEROUMAN -- Cloud Kingdom LE is easily one of the best 1v1 maps in the ladder pool.

Wishing you the best of luck in your endeavors. Farewell.
I just had a flashback to the WoL Beta forums, is this guy for real? ROTFLMFAO!
Hello everyone, I posted yesterday a blog on about my retirement:

Many people wanted to know the reasons of my lack of interest in this game, I post them here so the ones who are mainly concerned can read them. I reduced my subjective opinion as much as possible.

- A-move units with zero micro needed to do a lot of damage: colossus

- Units that forces a very specific counter otherwise you have high chances to lose: colossus->viking/corruptor

- Units push themselves, even enemy units, this causes to never be sure if your unit wall is ling proof

- Moving units have a smaller footprint than a static one moving ball armies are even smaller.

- The perfect pathing combined with unlimited selection, i think they must do unlimited selection with worse pathing to make more space between units OR perfect pathing with limited selection.

- Inability to move units between 2*2 buildings and bunkers. Supply depots wouldn't be needed at the bottom of main ramp.

- The spammable low tech anti-micro skills: forcefield and fungal , you can't counter them once you get caught. With brood war statis, you can save the units and about lockdown, it's hard to pull off and it's on only one unit.

- Smartcast, if there was no smartcast, spells could be much stronger because you would have to select spellcasters one by one. This could create comeback situations.

- Comebacks are only very rarely possible.

- The high number of workers needed per base, this causes to not need many bases spread out on the map. The high income rate is a big factor as well of not taking more than 3 bases.

- No highground advantage, the one in sc2 is only present in early game and is an illusion in the rest of the game. It causes terrain to not have much meaning.

- The big range of units compared to their radius, the consequence is too many units shoot at the same time and thus the dps rate of the army is huge.

- The dps rate causes players to not micro a lot

- There is no multiples battles occuring at the same time, and no, harass and drops are a different thing. The high dps rate causes that as well.

- Protoss early/mid game is balanced around the forcefield and forces them to take a very very close third base, you can't have too many paths leading to it otherwise a protoss can't forcefield everything.

- You can't place a lot of chokes in the middle of a map otherwise forcefields break everything (cloud kingdom is borderline on this subject)

- Every 4 players map with reflection symmetry must have close positions disabled because natural to natural distance is too short, it takes away a lot of diversity

- Units move too fast

- Tiny area control available, only tanks and swarm hosts can do it. Creep does it too but not very much.

- The only choke control unit/spell is the forcefield

- The terrain editor is extremely rigid, especially for ramps.

- The big size of expands, the resource gathering building having a 5*5 footprint

- Forcing 8 minerals, 2 gas expands

This list isn't complete, this is what i remember at this moment.

welcome to an rts
And this is why the blizzard forums, at times, can be horrible. This guy devotes his time to making some of the best maps yet. He makes fantastic maps in BW and fantastic maps in SC2. All he wants is to elevate the SC community. He decides to expresses his concerns and instead of thanking him, some of you (not all) you spit on him. There's away to disagree with him (and thank him) without being a bunch of jerks.

Thanks for all you hard work brotha! The SC2 community will miss you.
Reasons like this are why I stopped playing halo.. So I understand the stagnant perspective. Sc2 is the first RTS I've ever gotten into and I love it. I hope HOTS is even better. Thanks for all the hard-work :)
I agree with the point he's trying to make, the metagame at the moment is quite restrictive in terms of how a map can be made; if Race X can't use strategy Y then it's imbalanced and X will never have a chance of winning, etc.
09/26/2012 02:14 PMPosted by HeReTiC
You were a decent mapmaker, but you're obviously a very bad and whiny player. I don't think anyone will notice a difference. Bye.

still a troll
Nearly all your points reflect my views entirely, most especially the one discussing units range per radius within a group; the insane amount of dps clusters are capable of.

The majority of this list expresses how I feel about sc2 in terms of an eSport- sumo wrestling; or, although different races ARE different- rock, rock, rock.

You be good dood. Theres a whole bright world out there to mingle in.
Sad to see so many people leave, Cloud Kingdom is single handly my favorite map, I don't understand the people that just call directly this as a qq and whiny post by a unprofessinal player ( proving that they oviosuly didn't read the post.) we all complained at some point but he have alot of good points that makes sc2 less exciting than broodwars.

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