My map-making retirement with feedback

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So, your problem is with Protoss's everything and one Zerg mechanic, hence you are quitting?
09/28/2012 08:13 PMPosted by DuckTemplar
So, your problem is with Protoss's everything and one Zerg mechanic, hence you are quitting?

I used to help him test a few maps and got the chance to discuss a bit with him. While I don't agree with him that bringing back a 12 limit unit selection is good the guy had a really solid RTS-mind for sure.
I don't think that you can say that his problem is with protoss.
It is just that protoss serves as a good example when pointing out design flaws in the game.

From his more experimental maps it was clear that he had given SC2 some serious thought and really really tried to do whatever he as a mapmaker could do to improve the gameplay.

SC2 has a great community. A lot of it is because SC2 is a good game, but a big reason is also the BW legacy. Many old BW gamers have overlooked the design issues with SC2 because of the potential the game still had with expansions and such. A big part of the community likes SC2 for what it has the potential to be.
With Hots a lot of these feel that some major issues with SC2 has not been dealt with as they hoped. For this reason the switch WoL -> Hots is a good point to leave the community and do things elsewhere since we are not getting any closer to what SC2 could potentially be.

Brood War was a great game and while it is not reasonable to ask that SC2 becomes more like it in every detail it is very reasonable to have very high expectaions on what SC2 could be given Blizzards RTS-history.

Blizzard is commiting the biggest mistake possible by not addressing the concerns of most progamers, map makers and a large part of the community.
Look at Dota2 for example. Their interaction with the community is absolutely awesome.
In these modern days, people will expect Blizzard to hold up to the same standards as Valve regarding community interaction.

I fear that Blizzard wont realize this anytime soon and that when they finally do it will be a case of too little - too late.
09/29/2012 03:03 AMPosted by HanSolo
Taking out the garbage.... Couldn't even get top diamond with OP zerg. Bye bye loser.

He was a mapmaker, not a player. Learn to read, it's worth it.
Thanks for posting! I agree with most of your points and am appreciative you took the time to write them all down. :)
I quit map making when my schedule got too flooded. I'll upload something during Christmas vacation.

I agree with about 50% of the OP's points. Starcraft II mapping can be a gigantic pain because of some of the things the OP pointed out.

See what your shhitty gameplay has done Blizzard?

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