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Mission Accomplished! With the conclusion of the first hunt, a tournament has been declared to help determine the teams. Who will win?

Tobi Van Helsing (250 HP)
Armament: Argost, Blade of God {Melee, 50 damage [+30 v Light, +300 v monsters, +200 v heroic]}, Chaos and Order, the Justice Bringers {20 range, 60 damagex2 [+40 v Armored, +200 v monsters, +100 v heroic]}
Abilities: Monster's bane (Passive), Sixth Sense (Passive), Slayer's blow, Master Monster Hunter (Passive)

Valencia Van Helsing (210 HP)
Armament: Ragnarok, Shield of Faith {melee, 70 damage [+30 v monsters, +200 v Herioc]}, Etro, Ender of Darkness {9 range, 48 damage [+45 v Light, +70 v monsters, +60 v heroic]}, Ignitus, God's Rage {1 range, 70 damage [+200 v monster, + 50 v armored, +400 v heroic]}
Abilities: Monster's Bane (Passive), Sixth Sense (Passive), Master Monster Hunter (Passive), Rapid Stike, Killing Blow, Wall of Flame, Heavy Blows (Passive)

Alistair (300 HP)
Armament: Heretic {20 range, 60 damage [+60 v monsters, +100 v Heroic, +50 v Armored}], Arbiter {melee, 50 damage {+70 v monsters, +150 v Heroic, + 40 v Light]}

Edward Livi, The Flame (105 HP)
Armament: Flamethrower {4 range, 12 damage[+12 v Light]}, Fire bombs {6 range, 20 damage[+30 v Armored]}, Oil tanks (about 2 feet long){6 range, 0 damage}, Inferno Shotgun {7 range, 30 damage}, Ragnos, the Purifying Flame {2 range, 15 damage[+90 v monsters]}
Abilities: Blue Flames, Thermal bomb (passive)

Chris Vict (75 HP)
Armament: Standard Issue Hunting Rifle with enhanced scope{8 range, 13 damage[+10 v Light]}, a Buck knife {Melee, 6 damage}, Zeus, God's Lightening {melee, 25 damage [+80 v monsters]}
Abilities: Hunt, Endurance (Passive)

Entrent Oliver (65 HP)
Armament: Spiked Gloves {melee, 23 damage [+10 v light]}, Spiked Chains {5 range, 26 damage[+13 v Massive]}, Twin Pistols with Armor-Piercing Rounds {7 range, 15 damage [+45 v Armored]}, Hades, God's Death Bringer {10 range, 35 damage [+75 v monsters]}
Abilities: Vengeance (Passive), Deadly Grasp, Death's Embrace

Adrammalech VII (100 HP)
Armament: Hauteclare {Gun-9 range, 16 damage; Sword-melee, 25 damage}, Scion Seal Launcher { 8 range, 23 damage [+80 v monsters]}, Gladius {Gun- 7 range, 20 damage, Sword- melee, 30 damage}, Abraxas {13 range, 20 damage [Various elemental abilities allowed]}
Abilities: (Passive) Hunter of Adrammalech, Empyrean, Summon Adrammalech

Toria Vorias (150 HP)
Armament: Ares and Athena, twin daggers of God's Wrath {melee, 25 damagex2 attacks [+40 v monsters, +20 v Light]}, Heaven's Light and Shadow Hunter {15 range, 23 damagex2 attacks [+45 v monsters, + 30 v Armored]}
Abilities: Vision of the Shadows (Passive), Call of the Huntress, The Hunt (Passive)

Graal (100 HP)
Armament: Bayonet Swords {melee, 11 damage}, Hermes, Bringer of Light {12 range, 26 damage [+80 v monsters, +20 v Light]}, Keeper, Balancer's Blade {melee, 45 damage [+85 v monsters, +25 v Armored, +15 v non-balancer]}
Abilities: Bayonet Storm, Oath & Faith(Passive), Way of Balance(Passive)

Linnzie (155 HP)
Armament: Claws {Melee, 23damagex2 attacks [+14 vs light]}, Teeth { Melee, 40 damage [+15 vs Biological]}, Hunting Bow {12 range, 15 damage}, Vanalia, Love and Balance {15 range, 27 damage [+75 vs monsters, +12 vs armored, +10 vs non-balencer]}
Abilities:Shadow Walk, Vision of the Pack (Passive), Slayer's blow, True Form (Active)

Name: Michael Rondey (110 HP)
Armament: Athos and Armads {6 range, 19 damage [+12 v Light]}, Solareon, The Purifying Light{melee, 29 damage[+70 v monsters]}, Long range sniper rifle {15 range, 20 damage [+25 v Armored]}, Athos and Armads {15 dmg, 7 range, [+15 vs monster]}
Abilities: Fatal Hit (Passive), Mental Strike, Enhanced Vision(Passive with active function)

Noct (180 HP)
Armament: Night's Edge {2 range, 40 damage [+35 v monsters]}, Shards {7 range, 20 damage [+28 v Armored]}
Abilities: Shards (Passive), Precognitive vision, Overclock

Seraphim (120 HP)
Armament: Avenger {melee, 33 damage [+54 v monsters]}, Angel’s Breath {6 range, 16 damage [+30 vs Light]}, Storm Caller {14 range, 25 damage [+50 v Armored]}, Medical Kit, Firestorm Revolvers (range 7 damage 20 [+15 vs monsters])
Abilities: Psi Boost, Advanced Training(Passive), Psi Mastery LV1

Archangel Altun (165 HP)
Armament: Archangel's Blade {melee, 30 damage [+70 v monsters, +35 v light]}
Abilities: Holy Light (Passive), Smite

Ravener (155 HP)
Armament: The Blackrune sword "Lifeswallower" {melee, 28 damage [+75 v monsters, +23 v Light]}, Blackrune knife "Fleshgnawer" {melee, 15 damage}, Modified C-10 Canister Rifle {10 range, 16 damage [+36 v Armored]}
Abilities: Engulfing Hunger (Passive), Blackrune Tatoos (Passive), Consume, Blackrune Writing
Welcome to the first Placement Tournament! The winner will be awarded with a new ability (Math craft starts soon, but I need a professional opinion on your stats and such. Think PKA without unit limitations) and +10 damage and +1 range (except on melee).

Match 1
Graal vs. Michael Victory- Graal

Match 2
Noct vs. Seraphim Victory- Seraphim

Match 3
Toria vs. Entrent Victory by Default-Toria

Match 4
Linnzie vs. Adrammalech VII Vitory-Adrammalech

Match 5
Graal vs. Seraphim Victory-Seraphim

Match 6
Toria vs. Adrammalech VII

Match 7
Seraphim vs. 6 winner
OOC: I just realized that i had an active ability! Forgot it! XD
The angel holds out his hand and all three weapons of Balance fly to them. "Because I am the only thing between you and death. I also control whether or not you can use these. I control your peace of mind, and your existence. Such is the life of a balancer's vessel. You are subject to our whim." I take a step back, a hand still on Argost. I didn't trust these guys and really wished Zarath was around.
With a sigh, i step back and pull my notebook out from my satchel.
"Very well... I'll see if any other members of my family have encountered some like you..."
I sit down cross-legged, the notebook floating open above my lap, an infinite number of pages flipping past.
I pushed everybody in the way, out of the way and I left the room. Linnzie quickly ran after me.
"Vessel Graal, I am not done talking with you." Graal and Linnzie find themselves rooted in place in front of the strange angel. "Now, why do you resist the words of the Helsing? He knows what he is saying seeing as he gains much of his information from us directly."
After reading one section of the tome, i begin to train my mental power to be more lethal. I head out to the practice arena to test it out. A monster comes out. I lash out at i with my mind, and it falls to the ground, dead. Afterwards, i walk back into the armory and take another look at the tome, seeing what else i can do.

OOC: Nobody...has anything to say currently?
The Ice cap.

.=ground, _=ice, |=entrance, Y=yeti.


Ignore this. It's for future reference.
I assume this is an arena for a tourney match.
A-yep. wfawwer and SF to be exact.
"Yes. The match is being started tomorrow on DeviantArt. Now..."

I get down to the training hall and wait for something to come out.
Mind sending me the link? I wanna see. :D
"Do you have a DA account?"
No. I could sign up tho.
Sign up then. It's where wfawwer does most of her stuff from.
Altun left so quietly that no one but the balancer noticed his exit.
It is a little hard to sneak things past angels.
The work of the balancers was not his own. He did not agree with all aspects of their methodology... but his was not to question the will of Him on High.

Altun turned his mind to other things as he left. Like the Helsing's overconfidence. The boy was a fool. Assuming something as fragile as reputation would keep a fallen from his home. A fallen would gain entry as easily as Altun himself had. Perhaps even more easily. Fallen would not be as delicate as Altun was.

He considered his thought again. That wasn't quite right. Not all the fallen had the power of an Archangel... Perhaps some would indeed have trouble.


Altun's head came up suddenly. Dark forces had suddenly gathered and been consumed. Used as energy most likely, but for what?

The balancer would have felt that as well, but it was not his task to look into such things. That was Altun's job while he was here.
Altun once again took to the sky.


The fade floated in near the chamber's center, chanting. In the center of the chamber where the bodies of various warlocks and necromancers the fade had tasked Nathanial to bring him. The vampire was preforming well. There was no doubt of that. The rest had been far more complicated. The ritual had taken more than a year to prepare, not counting the room's construction. The room itself had taken over twenty years to build. The symbols needed to be perfect, the location needed to be perfect, much required perfection. But it had been done. And now the fade could summon one of the most dangerous creatures to walk this, or any world.

The fade chanted in a monotone, never varying in speed or volume. When the chant was done, the air began to hum. It was working.

A blood red glow entered the center of the room, seemingly through the floor.
"Who dares summon me?"
"One wise enough to give you no orders. Only freedom from the pit."
"I am grateful. Unfortunately for you, I don't like fades. Smite."

The fade was caught entirely unprepared and died a true death. There would be no resurrection or return form that blow.

The being walked out of the room and out to the surface world, and the sun fell upon it for the first time.

The figure wore an armor of red that glowed brightly. The figures wings were a dark grey, nearly black. It wore a helmet that entirely covered it's face without leaving eye holes or slits. Its sword was clearly True Demonic, and gave off a red glow not very different in hue from the creatures.

It was one of the angles cast down during the Rebellion on High.

It was a fallen.
I was still listening to the Balancer and Graal talk when I felt it. The sudden appearance of something dark and powerful. "No..." The Balancer felt it as well and turned in the direction of it. "Van Helsing, it seems your needed elsewhere. Find my brother Altun. He will assist you the best he can. I will continue to talk with the vessels." I nod, no time to argue and rush back to the armory. "Scratch the hunt, this just turned into a war." Turning from their astonished faces I run to the window. "Hope I remember this right..." I start to sing, a song that only other Archangels could hear, one of summoning.
Altun altered his course.

If this wasn't important... Well, it had better be.
I watched as the Archangel approached. He wasn't gonna be happy when I told him why I was calling.

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